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Simple Inventions that Changed the World

Some of the simplest ideas have had the ability to change the world for the better. These inventions were so basic but yet had a huge effect on the population. While not all of us can invent the car engine or a computer because of the complexity of it, these ideas didn’t require a genius intelligence. In fact, it should inspire you to design your prototype with the SolidWorks software for your next idea that you believe could be a million-dollar seller.

The Ballpoint Pen

Invented in the 1930s, the ballpoint pen changed the world very quickly. Until then, if you wanted to write in ink, you had to dip a writing utensil in a bottle of ink and watch for the mess. Ink stains on desks and clothes were a common theme when trying to write in ink back in the day. Plus, it took forever for the ink to dry on the paper. It was the simplest of inventions, but it is still impacting all of our lives today.

Which Came First: The Lighter or the Match?

Can you imagine banging two rocks together or rubbing sticks against one another every time you are trying to light something on fire? To say this would be an inconvenience is understating it. The lighter and the match changed the need to learn these Boy Scout skills. It may not surprise you to know that the match was invented first in 1805, but the lighter came about only 18 years later. It definitely simplified things greatly whenever we needed fire.

The Wheel

Who truly knows when the wheel was first invented, but can you imagine having a patent for that invention? So many things use the wheel in today’s society. You could be a billionaire several times over. And who is to say that you can’t invent something just as simple and just as useful?

The Spoon

The spoon was invented thousands of years ago, but can you imagine where we would be if it wasn’t? Drinking soup would have been messy and eating cereal would have been near impossible. The fork was invented hundreds of years later, but before it made its appearance, chopsticks had already been around for a long time. Of course, we now also have a combination of the fork and the spoon: The spork. Needless to say, this hasn’t really caught on. The spork is one simple invention that should have stayed on the drawing board.