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Some of the Best Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Due to the increase in people wanting to have an impact on the Earth’s atmosphere, more and more are wanting to know the best Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint. There are so many things that can impact negatively on Carbon Footprint but there are also a lot of positive things that can be done to help reduce it too.

One way to reduce carbon footprint and something that is essential to everyday life is food, particularly the wasting of food. Food wastage is a huge negative contributor to Carbon footprint so there are many things that can be done to help. When you go out to do your food shopping try to only buy the foods that you are going to need, buying non-essentials contributes to the 20%-50% that will end up in landfills. 70% of the worlds Carbon Footprint is from animals so by trying not to eat as much dairy foods or meat products this too will have a positive impact. Buying product from local stores will also help as they have needed less storage and the amount of travel needed to dispense the food is minimal in comparison to widely sourced foods. Even better if it is an option to plant and grow foods for personal use too, this is the ultimate way to reduce carbon footprint.

Another vital part of our everyday life and again something that negatively adds to carbon footprint is the vehicles that we own. A car is essential for getting around but the emissions released by each one worldwide is causing huge damage to the environment. An easy way to help is by walking or cycling wherever possible, this is such a greener way of getting around. As simple as it sounds even maintaining a vehicle will help too, emptying out the unnecessary rubbish from the inside of the car, doing so will mean that the car will drive for longer between fuel stops. Sharing a car when possible is also another way to help as carpooling means that taking a full car means less cars on the road. When driving just take your time and keep to the limit. Going at a steady pace will mean that the car releases less emissions and therefore will save some money not having to refuel as often.

Some other simple but effective ways to reduce carbon footprint involve taking shorter showers, ensuring the washing machine is a full load before turning it on, use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs and switching off lights when you don’t need them on. Truly wanting to make a difference to reducing Carbon Footprint is only a matter of paying attention to small changes in daily routine. Just being more aware the environment and doing a bit of research into what things can contribute to carbon footprint will really help. If more and more people helped with small things then the actual effect and reduction in Carbon Footprint would be massive.