#TBT: somewhereto_ at innocent Inspires

With somewhereto_Hatch A Plan just round the corner we’re throwing back to Roxanne Williams’s article about her experience at the Innocent Inspires event where she heard from the founding members of Innocent smoothies as well as a panel of experts. Have a read of all the great advice and networking she benefitted from. If you want to take part in somewhereto_Hatch A Plan, click here to find your closest event.

How do they keep creativity alive in an organisation that has grown from 3 fresh faced graduates with an idea to make fresh smoothies to a multi million pound operation now part owned by Coca Cola? I had the fantastic opportunity to explore the company ingredients that make Innocent as good as they are. We also heard from a great lineup of speakers at the Innocent Galleries made up of Benjamin Zephaniah, Rob The Bank, Kate Moross and John-Paul Flintoff.


Here are my top five finds on what they do to encourage creativity:

  1. Make mistakes, acknowledge them and learn from them.  For example, exploding bottles of innocent resulted in them paying to clean up customer’s houses and then designing new pressure relief caps.
  2. Hire the right people! All the staff I met seemed to be fully engaged in the brand and its beliefs. This makes staffing their events a breeze, with employees from various departments willing to get stuck in and be advocates for the brand.
  3. Socialise together through entertainment nights in the office from live music to comedy. This is a perfect place to bring their brand values to life (that are prominently displayed in their communal lunch space) and inspire both customers and staff alike.
  4. “Just do it! If it doesn’t work out you can just move on” which is a sentiment shared by all the creative people I encountered that day. Another good point ‘Don’t get caught up watching what the other people in your field are doing focus on you’. Lastly for those hoping to work in the field of commercial design world ‘Be simple, fast and have good ideas’
  5. ‘Your obvious is original to someone else’. Doing things differently was so natural to the panel it showed me what I can achieve in a decade or so.


While what inspires these 4 creative individuals differs, the two shared elements that seem to trigger their ideas are the people they surround themselves with (whether part of the team or a chance interaction) and downtime unwinding. Rob had some of his greatest ideas in the bath!

So if you’re reading this and hesitating to get your creative idea started… You can breathe a sigh of relief as one thing all speakers agreed on is with every choice you make, you already have!

Thanks to somewhereto_ and Innocent for an inspiring day.

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