somewhereto_ Spotlight: Georgio Savvides

We’ve been catching up with music lover Georgio Savvides. He’s been telling us all about his company The Hip Hop Orchestra and explains how somewhereto_ has helped him find a rehearsal space to help him grow!

When did you start using somewhere_to facilities?

I signed up with somewhereto_ about 4 years ago. I researched and looked around for rehearsal spaces and looked into somewhereto_ in more detail and it looked brilliant! I wanted to see if I could use their facilities, so I went to the office and had a conversation with them and they have helped me ever since.

Do you feel that somewhereto_ has given your project a better platform?

Definitely, if it weren’t for them our company wouldn’t be able to work! One of the best companies I have ever worked with actually.

Tell us more about your company ‘The Hip Hop Orchestra’.

We are The Hip Hop Orchestra, an exciting award winning (Impatience Is A Virtue Award via Virgin) music group aimed at joining classical music and hip hop into one by fusing live classical instruments such as strings and piano to rap/ urban music with a live DJ and bass player. 

What venues have you performed at?

Over the past three years, we have performed at venues such as the legendary Maida Vale Studios for BBC Radio 1Xtra, The O2, Proud Camden, XOYO, Jazz Café and ILuvLive (the list goes on). I have also recently given a Tedx talk. We have loads of stuff lined up for 2016 with some massive collaborations so keep tuned. 

(Merky Ace – Woo Riddim, Live From Maida Vale feat Georgio’s Hip Hop Otrchestra)

What network events did you attend with somewhereto_ and how have they helped you develop your company?

If it wasn’t for somewhereto_ I wouldn’t be able to do most of the stuff I have done – thanks to them, we have been able to use spaces for rehearsals, which has helped us perfect our music! I attended a business event and got talking to someone in the somewhereto_ office who has helped me, it gave me a better understanding and I learnt a lot.

Would you recommend the services somewhereto_ provide?

Yes, of course! They help with finding spaces in and around London, for free! If your 16-25 and want to start your own business, somewhereto_ is the place to go.

Orchestra Twitter – @TheHipHopOrch

Instagram – TheHipHopOrchestra


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Being on work experience and not knowing much about what ‘somewhereto_’ had to offer, talking with Georgio really opened my eyes on the opportunities this company gives people my age. Being a 20 year old, third year journalism student hearing all the accomplishments like-minded people have been doing with this company is amazing. I feel inspired to use ‘somewhere_to’s facilities as this is an opportunity for us to use and strive on making our ambitions come to life, thanks to all the free spaces ‘somewhereto_’ find!
Anthony Pius, 20