somewhereto_ Spotlight: on The_Grit Dance Project

We’ve been catching up with Abigail Wood, a 22 year old dance professional who has just set up her own dance studio with help from somewhereto_.

With a degree in modern ballet, Abigail says dance has been a way for her to express herself and from the age of 12, she knew it was a career she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life.

Leaving university, she found getting into the industry was extremely challenging and with most companies asking for a minimum of 3 years performance experience, landing a job seemed almost impossible.

This gave Abigail the idea of creating a space where young dancers and artists like herself could come together and develop their skills. She hopes to give young artists the opportunity to build their CV by gaining professional help that will encourage them to follow their dreams in their chosen career.

Having only recently stumbled upon somewhereto_, on a Facebook ad, Abigail was able to receive guidance on her project and subsequently was provided with a venue to use as a dance studio space.

She has decided to name her studio ‘The_Grit Dance Project’. When asked why ‘grit’ she says ‘ I believe you have to have grit and determination to get anywhere in this industry. I suddenly had an idea, well why not call it grit, because the people in this project have to have that grit to get anywhere at the beginning of their careers!’.
Abigail says that the support she received has been a big encouragement enabling her dream dance studio to become a reality.  ‘The_Grit Dance Project’ is set to open in Glasgow in April/May 2016.


Credit-‘Gary Alan Photography’

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avatar_6dea726e9270_128‘As a 21 year old journalism student, discovering somewhereto_ has been an inspiration. Having wanted to start my own business I now know that there are alternative channels to do so. Work experience has been a dream and I feel extremely supported in pursuing my future goals both as a journalist and entrepreneur.’  – Kimberli Blake


unnamed (2)‘As I’m currently on work experience and only 14 years old, I didn’t have any idea about what somewhereto_ had to offer. But after researching, looking into it and also interviewing a somewhereto_ client, I’ve really been intrigued by the work done for aspiring people and though I’m not old enough yet, it has inspired me to consider using it to help me in the future.’ – Lamiya Rahman