somewhereto_ is not just about matching you with great free spaces, it’s also about helping you gain – and showcase – some really valuable experience.

Whether you’re putting on an art exhibition, a dance show, setting up your own business or using space to rehearse in, you are building on a range of skills.

  • To promote your event and get people there you need to do marketing and communications.
  • To ensure your event happens without a hitch you need to demonstrate project management.

– Using your channels to get the word out?  That’s social media management. – Did you hire anything or get anyone’s help to put your event on?  You’ve just cut your teeth on supplier liaison.

All of these great skills and experiences are totally transferable to many careers and future projects.

So why not brag about it? Well, that’s exactly what we think, which is why we’ve created a certificate and a clickable digital badge that detail your brilliant achievements through somewhereto_. The certificate and the digital badge will be yours to share, so make sure you do – far and wide!

Find out about somewhereto_Endeavour
We want you to be able to highlight the range of amazing skills you’ve gained throughout the somewhereto_ process, which is why we’ve created somewhereto_endeavour.

somewhereto_endeavour is a clickable digital badge, which takes you to a webpage that details all your somewhereto_ achievements; it is evidence of the all varied skills you will have gained. You can use it to show off your successes such as your CV or LinkedIn profile, enabling anyone from admissions tutors to prospective employers to click through to see evidence of the project you’ve led.

Think of digital badges as your own portfolio – for example if you are looking for an events management job – being able to display your experiences of running your own events will help set you apart from other applicants – because employers can actually see evidence from your event.
Or let’s say you’re trying to get into a film school – being able to show your video recap that you did on your own event, or say that you screened a film demonstrates you already have relevant experience.

So, how do you get one? It’s easy, after you’ve used a somewhereto_ space one of our team will be in touch to send you a link to the application page, where you can fill in the information needed to support your application. So make sure you do it!

Find out about certificates
As proof of the great things you will have achieved through your somewhereto_ experience, we’ll provide you with a digital certificate after your first space match.

The certificate is a way for us to officially demonstrate to you and anyone you show it to, that we recognize you’ve been on a journey. One with lots of lessons along the way that could be considered as added value to a future employer or give you a leg up when starting your own business.

This is something you can include on your Linked In profile, or share with prospective employers. It is automatic and all you need to do to get one is use a somewhereto_ space to do what you love!

We think you should be really proud of your somewhereto_ achievements and this certificate will help you shout about it.