somewhereto_Tottenham is warming up!


Hello somewhereto_ community! My name is Rebecca but some call me Becca, Beccs or Becky, but you can choose which ever one you like. I’m 23 years old and live in London. I was born and bred in Tottenham. Go Tottenham!


I graduated last year with a degree in Sociology and Criminology (No! I don’t want to be an investigator) people always throw that terrible joke whenever I tell them what I studied at uni. Anyway, I work with the Highway House homeless shelter and volunteer at Highway youth club. I also host at shows and have plans of launching my own business.


I was given the privilege to help co-create the somewhereto_Tottenham housewarming event. It was an open platform for me to share my heart felt feelings about Tottenham and what I believed Tottenham needed to do to help the young people of the community. The somewhereto_ team allowed us to create various types of events, it was wonderful to see that they actually acknowledged our ideas and implemented it into making the housewarming event a success.


This experience made me realise how significant we are as young people in our communities: As young people we have the power to make an influential change for ourselves and our community. I now know that once I put my mind to it, all the great ideas that sit deep within me will begin to surface, spread and impact.


We had a number of great and talented young people who graced the housewarming event with their skills and talents. Chelsy who is an indie singer entertained us with her magical vocals that had us mesmerised! We also had Ceekay (the best poet in the world!) he blew us away as he shared his personal stories in the form of poetry. Ceekay’s poems had us on an emotional rollercoaster. They were inspiring but also brought pity to our hearts. Rizk and Yemzi are two great clothing lines that exhibited their work. Yemzi clothing really demonstrated the beauty that can be created with fabrics. I also had a brief conversation with Uzaifa who is one of the co-founders of Rizk clothing and he shared with me the inspirational background of the clothing line, it so deep and so real!


A big photo credit shout out to Kristie, the quality of the photos are superb and you caught shots from some really good angles. You are the man!


I’m excited to invite you to the somewhereto_Tottenham launch eventĀ happening next Wednesday at 639, High road N17 8AA, starting at 6 pm. I had a sneak peek at the programme for the night and I must say somewhereto_Tottenham have a great programme lined up for you. So come eat, drink, socialise and enjoy! I can’t wait to meet you all !