somewhereto_ breathe: giving young creatives a place to flourish in London

After 6 years liberating unused space for young people across the UK, somewhereto_ is turning its attention to London’s creative crisis.

People tell you that creativity in London’s culture is under threat. Rents are rising, and spaces are getting smaller. The cool kids are moving to Berlin, where they can afford a production studio and a 2-bed flat on their one-night-a-week bar job. A glut of mainstream papers have already declared London to be an expensive wasteland. So, are they right?

Well, not exactly. It’s true, an alarming number of young creative people are struggling in London, but there are still spaces where they can flourish. The trick is finding them and making them available to the right people. After helping more than 288,000 young people find space to create and share work across the UK, the pioneers at somewhereto_ know how to reclaim our capital’s creative spaces.

somewhereto_ is focussing its energy and experience on creating a sustainable business and connecting amazing, versatile spaces with the young creatives who bring life to the city. Every time a business rents a space through somewhereto_, some of the money is used to find space for someone aged between 16-25 to produce and show their work.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep young creative people here, in London. Without them, the whole place loses its soul, and its appeal,” said Tom Barratt, Business Director at somewhereto_ “Fortunately, there is a simple solution. We find unique spaces and venues in the capital. Businesses pay the going rate for a great venue or office. Then, we use our commission to help young people get their work off the ground.”

Keep London Creative
It’s a vital part of the somewhereto_ mission that the spaces they provide are that little bit special. Whether they offer breathtaking views, or come complete with a creative community attached, all spaces are vetted and fit for purpose. Clients can expect flexible, short-term spaces for anything from photo-shoots to one-off meetings to killer pitches.

Already, hundreds of inspiring venues and spaces around the capital have signed up to be part of the venture. “For us, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement,” said Dominic Perez-Silva, Corporate Development Manager at Oval Space & The Pickle Factory.

“We see the creative spirit of London as an essential part of our offering. People want to use our space because London is such a vibrant, exciting place. This is an easy way for us to help make sure it stays that way”.

The message for young creative people out there is simple; the city wants you to stay. We want to give your work somewhereto_breathe.

If you believe that we should keep London creative, show your support for our campaign here.