Space Spotlight: Roundhouse

Buildings don’t come much more iconic than Camden’s Roundhouse. With some of the best arts and music listings in the country, it’s spine tingling to think of being able to book this space for your own event, and even better to know that by doing this, you’re supporting a thriving youth programme that changes lives. We met with Youth Marketing Manager, Emily Kerr to find out more about this London institution.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your involvement with the space.

I’m the Marketing Manager for the Youth Programme at the Roundhouse. I get under 25s interested in courses and workshops that take place in our studios.

Tell us about the space and the exciting things you’ve got coming up?

At the moment we’ve got the beach with tonnes of sand in the carpark, with beach huts available for hire and Beach Yoga with Time Out on Saturday mornings.

We’ve also got an installation opening called Curtain Call as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations. Alongside this we have lots of special evening gigs which are really interactive.

What makes you different from other spaces?

Diversity. There are so many different things going on in one building. From the best in the business to lots of vibrant creative energy from young people who use the space. That, and the variety, history and heritage of the building.

How important do you think it is for young people to be able to access free space in London?

Roundhouse works with 3,000 young people every year. Our whole business is around young people and giving them opportunities and access to creativity. Young people are telling us they need space to be creative and not have the pressures of cost or boundaries that can restrict creativity. They value the fact that they can use free space to experiment and find out what kind of artist they are, to develop and grow their practice.

What would your dream project/event be for the space?

I’d love to see Will I Am play here and have a big event with our young people.

You can book Roundhouse with us for your next event today. Every space booked with us helps a young person access space for free and helps turn their passions into a profession.