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Sports To See From Around The World

One of the most fun things to do when travelling is to go and watch the national sport in action. Every country has a national sport and going to watch or participate in it is yet another way to learn about the culture of the country you are travelling in. In this post we’ll look at just some of the national sports you could sample on a round the world trip.

American Football in the USA

The national sport in the US is American Football. A world apart from European football and has more similarities with Rugby. The highest level of American Foot ball is the National Football League, more commonly known as the NFL and the most important game of the season is the Super Bowl, which is the yearly championship game to determine the winner of the NFL. The venue of the game varies but has been played most often in Los Angeles, Miami and New Orleans. As one of the most watched sporting events in the world, it can also be fun to bet on Super Bowl.

Bull Fighting in Spain

Not one for animal lovers and also a sport that causes great controversy both in Spain and abroad, bull fighting, has been part of Spanish culture since 1726 and as such, many supporters argue that it is an important part of Spanish culture. If you can stomach it, then watching a bullfight is one of the most traditional things you can do on a trip to Spain. The season for bull fighting runs from April to September and during this time there are usually bullfights held at least once a week in most of the larger cities.

Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand

Being handed a leaflet with details of the local Muay Thai Boxing fights in the area is the norm when travelling around Thailand. A sport very different to the Western sport of boxing, Muay Thai boxers can use punches, kicks, elbows and knees to beat their opponent in a match. Good places to see quality Muay Thai include Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  Beware of the matches put on purely for tourists and seek out more authentic local tournaments instead. If you’re brave enough, do some training and take part in a Muay Thai boxing match yourself.

Football in Italy

Italians are known for many things, their food, their fashion sense and also their football. A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without going to see one of the major teams play at home. Teams like Juventus, AC Milan and AS Roma play some of the best football you are likely to see in Europe so if you’re also in gambling, you can create a successful football betting strategy around these teams. Tickets aren’t cheap but if you like football, they are worth it. Games are usually scheduled on Sunday afternoons and the Italian Football season runs from August to May