Spotlight on Linda Gyamfi from somewhereto_Tottenham

639 Tottenham High Road is the latest space we’re excited to unlock in London! We caught up with Partnerships & Outreach Officer, Linda Gyamfi to find out more about what we can expect from somewhereto_Tottenham


Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Linda Gyamfi, I am 27 years of age and a British born Ghanaian, born and bred in Tottenham. I have a degree in Sociology.  My career background is in the following areas, Media, Higher Education, events, charity and the  youth sector. I love engaging in community work and supporting young people in fulfilling their aspirations. I love music, food and meeting like-minded people.


Why were you attracted to the idea of 639 Tottenham?

With the large closures of the youth services in Haringey, along with the Tottenham Riots, there was so much frustration and anger amongst the community. I felt sick and tired of complaining and feeling a sense of helplessness. Inspired by the quote: ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ I felt that if I wanted to make a difference or influence the new vision of Tottenham, it’s starts within myself.


I thought I could either decide to sit and complain offline or via social media or do something about (in a positive way of course). I then thought if I am able to dedicate my free hours volunteering for organisations outside of the borough, why couldn’t I transfer the same energy for my community. I then gave up my time attending community consultations led by the regeneration team, which then followed with a documentary. A group of young Tottenham residents and I  produced a documentary which was showcased and launched at the Tottenham Regeneration conference last Summer 2014.  I wanted to be part of a movement which would provide a voice for young people and the rest of the community but could also bring a plethora of positive vibes and progressive opportunities too. I felt so proud for my contribution and following the right path, rather than to do the opposite.


What has inspired the creation of somewhereto_Tottenham and what can the local community expect to see in happening there over the next few months?

The creation of somewhereto_Tottenham was born out of the regeneration framework build on ambition, aspiration and attainment. We have lots of exciting free and exclusive events, ranging from industry specific workshops, exhibitions and many more.


What 3 words would you use to describe the vibe at 639 and why?

Vibrant, friendly, inspiring because I believe these are the qualities that reflect young people and therefore we need to mirror the same thing.


What are your 3 top tips for 16-25 year olds in looking to explore creative and entrepreneurial careers?

Get a pen and paper and create your 5 year vision board.  Attend lots of networking events – you will begin to build your contacts.
Build your brand, maintain a positive reputation online and offline. Create your own opportunities by volunteering or shadowing creative professional and directors or CEOs, this is to help you get a better understanding of your dream job.

Make a use of every free opportunity, surround yourself with people that genuinely believe in you, don’t hesitate to ditch people that will be an enemy of progress on your journey to success. (There are more than 3 tips here… but this are all the things I did!)
What one piece of advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

Take risks, don’t be afraid to approach organisations and people outside your friendship network for your desired career. The worst thing they can say to you is no. Be confident in your vision and know that what you bring is valuable to the world.

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