Take My Advice… from The Bean Creative

Following our fantastic event at House of Vans in London, we’re asking young creatives from the day to share their journeys, tips and lessons.

First up, Albert from creative collective The Bean Creative.

My name is Albert, I’m 23 years old, I produce work under the alias of Agwa and I am one of the founding members of The Bean Creative.

I think that I should state early on that I am new to this. It’s only in the last few months, since launching The Bean Creative that I have been busy working at House of Vans, The Royal Opera House, Gottwood Festival and Norwich Art Car Boot. However, don’t take this as some grandeur of success, I have a day job, I am always skint and I live with my parents.


I think if I were going to give any advice it would be these five things:

1. Commit.

If you have a half arsed approach you will struggle. This is plainly due to the fact that there will be hundreds of other people working harder than you. So if you’re serious give it your all!

2. Love your community.

A lot of the work we get at The Bean Creative is through our friends. They help us out and we help them out. Obviously we are hugely competitive and have to keep our egos in check, but generally love your friend’s work together and progress together.

3. Acknowledge that being an artist isn’t all about creating art.

Emailing, phoning and texting are all hugely important skills to gain if you are going to get opportunities.

4. Work hard, really hard.

Try and achieve something every day. You can always push yourself further. The day ends when you go to sleep not when you get back from work.

5. Invest.

This one sucks but it has to be done. Buy good paint, brushes, canvases, pens and sketchbooks. Get a day job and spend your money on making products and producing work.

I could be completely wrong but this is my mantra. I hope it was useful. Stay tuned with The Bean Creative and myself through our social media and website, there are many links below.