Launching a Multimedia Empire

Kobbie Kessie
Age: 25

Tell us about your activity/ project. How long have you been actively doing your enterprise or activity? What inspired you to do this?

My enterprise is filmmaking/production, and I have been working on my production company (Freshlook Films) for 1 year now. What inspired my business partner and myself to create a production company is our passion for filmmaking and creating visual content. Also, for us to make our own path into the industry.


What is the main purpose of your enterprise or activity? What do you want to achieve?

To create excellent visual content that connects with the viewer, from a fresh, young and dynamic perspective view. Essentially “connecting people through film,” our slogan.


How did you hear about somewhereto_ and in what capacity did we help you?

I originally heard through a friend who worked for Live magazine. He told me about what somewhereto_ do in terms of helping young people find spaces to be creative.

So when I was creating my final piece at university I got in touch with somewhereto_ and they found me a location.


What did you want space for?

I wanted space for a music video I was directing for my final piece at university.


How do you feel somewhereto_ has benefitted you overall during your involvement with the programme?

From filming various projects for somewhereto_ I have benefited in many ways. Firstly, having the opportunity to film in an array of great locations that I would not have had access to.

Secondly, the chance to create video content for my business that included renowned industry people and young creative’s, and finally and opening for my work to be exposed to a wider audience.


Tell us your story in detail: (How did you start, what has the journey been like? How many people are involved? What obstacles have you come across and how have you over come them? Who has given you support morally or financially?)

The summer of somewhereto_ campaign started with Laura (my London Regional delivery) asking if I wanted to get involved with the up coming campaign in terms of production. I had previously been involved with filming the strike fashion show event earlier in the year and really enjoyed the experience. So I agreed to be involved with the summer of somewhereto_.

I was given the dates on the campaign that spread over 3 weeks. My first challenge was planning how the filming would be carried out, as there were quite a few dates that required more than one cameraman. So to overcome that issue I brought in help from my business partner & other young filmmakers I have worked with in the past. I was also given a lot of moral support and guidance from somewhereto_ staff which was very helpful when locating talent for interviews and other production needs. Also when it got to the editing stage, their feedback was very valuable.

Apart from that, everything moved smoothly and I just had fun creating the films and meeting new people.


Do you feel that your contact with somewhereto_ has helped you learn new skills?

Definitely, I would say it has enhanced my skills within networking, planning, and general organisation.


If you have gained a somewhereto_digital badge, how did you find the experience?

Yes, I would say it’s good. It’s nice to receive something rewarding at the end of the project. Especially something that can be used externally on a CV or job interview.


Now that you have achieved a somewhereto_digital badge, do you feel more confident that people can now see what your capable of doing? Please explain why!

Yes, I would say so as it gives you the backing of a reputable organisation such as somewhereto_ which you could use when pitching funding for a project or looking for a new job.


What advice would you give to someone with similar ambitions?

To get involved with as many projects as possible especially with businesses, individuals and organisations that can help push and promote your talent. Keep working hard and network as much as possible.