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Stephen Varanko III – Why Levy Should Move Heaven and Earth For Pochettino

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In one of the most unexpected stories which we have heard this week, Stephen Varanko III and I have been covering the shocking news that Spurs are looking to get Mauricio Pochettino back from PSG. The Argentine manager was fired by Spurs in 2019 and is just 6 months into his stint with the French club. Unfortunately for Poch, his team not only got dumped out of the Champions League, but they also lost the title to Lille, which is unprecedented for this club.

Add to all of this the fact that he has just 1 year left on his contract, and all of a sudden this move doesn’t look too crazy. Here then is why Daniel Levy should move heaven and Earth to bring back the Argentine.

Fair Crack of The Whip

It was understandable why Spurs got rid of Pochettino given the results, but the reality is that he was never backed by the club financially and never allowed to kickstart the rebuild which the club so desperately needed. The club however is now on a much firmer footing financially and that means that they can welcome Poch back and give him something of a warchest which he can use to rebuild.

Keeping The Stars

There is absolutely no doubt that the players adored Mauricio Pochettino, even if they didn’t show it on the pitch in the final year of his tenure. In the wake of news that Harry Kane is looking to leave, Mr. Levy may just feel that the arrival once again of their favorite manager, could be enough to tip the scales in Spurs’ balance. This could very well be the move that makes the Spurs legend stay, at least for another season or two.

Falling in Love

No matter what Spurs fans say about the last year under Pochettino, in which he did take Spurs to the CL final, he made so many fans fall in love with the club again. This is the magic which the manager has and there is no doubt that he can do so again. Spurs need this now more than ever before, and at a time when Spurs fans are hate-filled towards the club, this could be the tonic that makes those fans once again love the club.

Low Cost Move

We mentioned that the Argentine only has one year left on his contract and that means that Levy could in fact secure the services of Pochettino without spending much money at all. Given that with Roma taking on Mourinho, and that Spurs saved £15 million as a result, Levy will be very keen on the idea of getting Poch back in a cut price deal.

There is no doubt that Levy made a mistake in sacking the Argentine boss and bringing him back to the club may very well be the humble masterstroke which all Spurs fans have been waiting patiently for. Could this actually happen…?