#TBT: summer of somewhereto_ in Antrim, NI

Last year, we caught up with Maggie Mckeever, who worked as our Creative Assistant for somewhereto_NI, to get her take on the summer of somewhereto_. summer of somewhereto_ saw artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, theatre and dance performers all came together to share an experience in a collaborative space.

Read what Maggie had to say:

I’m Maggie and for the past few weeks I’ve been working as the Creative Assistant on summer of somewhereto_ in Antrim town, Northern Ireland.

A wee bit about me! I was drawn to summer of somewhereto_ as I’m a creative person with arts management experience, and I enjoy working with young people in a creative context. I’m really interested by projects that involve social entrepreneurship and I really admire the ethos of somewhereto_ as it engages young people in creativity and DIY culture, enabling them to take action and have a say in their own community.

We had a core team of volunteers who transformed the somewhereto_ space into a creative hub with a photography studio, fashion stalls, a chill out area, giant blackboard, cake shop, stage area, workshop space and a ginormous artist’s studio space upstairs!

Over the three weeks it became clear that Antrim has a lot of musical talent! The SYCO auditions were a great way for them to get constructive criticism from Eddie, one of SYCO’s scouts. There seemed to be a lot of advice about profiling yourself through Youtube, which I got the chance to find out more about at the Summer In The City event which I took part in as a volunteer earlier this month!

My highlight of the summer of somewhereto_ space was the atmosphere of shared creativity and community that was forged through the space. Skill sharing, brainstorming and chatting were common in somewhereto_ Antrim. In turn, established mentors from the creative industries offered their time for free as they know the importance of encouraging and nurturing young talent along the way.

– Maggie Mckeever

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