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The Future of Racing, Cars Go Autonomous

We have heard talk for many years now about driverless technology and in the last couple of years alone we have seen huge advancements in this field. In fact we are juts a couple of years away from driverless cars being made available to the public, which will of course transform the way in which we all use the road. Autonomous cars are not only going to be designed for Joe Public however and one of the most exciting prospects of this technology is car racing, let’s take a look.

Pure Freedom

When racing teams design their cars they will look to create a vehicle which is built for speed and most importantly, for safety. When we begin to look at designs for a driverless racing car however we can throw away the safety requirements and instead create machines which are built with speed and intelligence in mind. LeaseCar UK have already taken a look into how some of these cars may look in the future, check them out as part of their #autonomousracing campaign. The cars are futuristic in the extreme and play on some previous designs by some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers from Bugatti to Nissan, Aston Martin to Ferrari. These cars designs use the space left by the cockpit among other technological tweaks, to enhance the power and performance of these beautiful cars.

All on the Constructor 

If we look at a car racing event such as Formula 1 as an example, the winning team is that which has combined perfectly between driver and constructor. In fact racing teams will only win if they create a great vehicle, before being put into the hands of a great driver. In the case of autonomous racing however this will not be the case and the winners will be those who are able to create the smartest and most intelligent of vehicles. Remember that cars won’t simply have to follow the fastest route on the track, they will also have to have the capacity to make changes and adjustments based on cars around them, thus replicating human emotions.


You only need to look at some of the vehicles which LeaseCar UK have dreamt up to get an idea for just how beautiful the design of these cars will be in the future. Our favorite of their designs would have to be the BMW concept which they have thought up which you can see in the picture at the top of the article. A vehicle which looks more like a fighter jet than a race car with its rudderless shape and aerodynamic design. One could only imagine the amount of torque and horse power that such a vehicle could possess.

What do you think the most exciting aspect of autonomous car racing would be? Would you go to an event and watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below this post.