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The Hive Mind Set – How Coworking Spaces Can Boost Collaboration


Malaysia is one of those countries’ known for a family structure that focuses on spiritual principles. This structure also recognises the importance of hierarchy in establishing order. More significantly, this hierarchy places the importance of family and friend relationships over others, especially in business.

This multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, polyglot community is in the midst of transforming itself as Vision 2020 realises its goals to strengthen both family and business for Malaysian people. As a part of this transformation, the coworking space boom has been around to help further this working community whose focus is all about the collaboration and relying on teamwork. Servcorp coworking, in addition to other coworking outfits in the country, is establishing this workstyle and office format as a new way to engage in the many activities that promote business growth.

Let’s take a look at just some of the ways coworking can boost business collaboration in Malaysia and lead to more opportunity for your business.

Designed To Promote Interaction

The way that most coworking spaces are set up, professionals are almost forced to engage with each other. Typically, most professionals can lease either a hot desk or a dedicated desk. While dedicated desks offer professionals more privacy, the hot desk is the hub of social interaction and some work.

Furthermore, in one office, professionals might find they share workspace with professionals from other industries, which is important for a few reasons. The first reason is that many of these conversations culminate in businesses getting and giving referrals. The second, most important, reason is the opportunity for your business to engage with possible mentors. The final reason this is important is that these conversations almost always culminate in forming the collaboration.

Promotes Collaboration Over Competition

While competition is not necessarily a negative, it can make for uncomfortable engagements in a setting designed to promote networking activities among professionals. The coworking space, through its focus on community, is a place where professionals engage with people from a range of professions. More significantly, the space is set up for social interaction, so at some point, your interactions develop into friendships that can be the basis of collaboration.

For the professional working in Malaysia, making friends with associates before doing business is a part of this landscape. The collaboration, in many cases, establishes a trusting relationship and occurs through the many different interactions, both formal and informal. Instead of the divisive environment where competition breeds, professionals find themselves engaging in teamwork toward some end. Ultimately, the coworking space that promotes a non-competitive environment is the place where the collaboration grows.

Establishes Your Business’s Profile In The Community

By engaging your community and through networking opportunities, the collaborations is only the next logical step in establishing your business. The more contacts you make through teamwork the more likely people within the space will seek you out for advice, or possibly to work on a project with them. In essence, the collaboration in the coworking space presents numerous opportunities for you to engage the public and get the word out there about your product.

For the professional working in the country, your coworking space is the platform to advertise your business to promote growth. These collaborations are going to be better than any advertising you could engage in the community because they are first-hand knowledge of the type of work your business does. Ultimately, all of this work translates into income. You can also propel your business by using a Facebook Ad Agency.

Boosting Collaboration In The coworking Space

The coworking space is indeed the next best thing in office space. With a number of benefits, professionals gain the advantage of getting a pretty good deal on office space with the amenities that can really position them to raise their business’s profile. More importantly, the collaborations that result from networking make the difference between a fledgeling business and a thriving one.