My Space: The Jazz Cafe, Camden

We’ve had the awesomely talented Charlotte Banafo with us on work experience for the last week. She has given us an insight into one of her favourite spaces in London and why it inspires her.

The Jazz Café is home to the world’s most respected musicians. With a deluxe bar, dim lights and eclectic mix of Hip Hop & RnB DJs, The Jazz Café knows how get the crowd pumping. When your legs get tired of dancing you can pop upstairs to the VIP balcony, sit down and enjoy a luxurious candlelit meal, whilst you watch the music in motion.

The Jazz Café births and inspires creativity within my soul. Their gigs incorporate not just music but poetry & spoken word, giving us a taste of the arts at there finest. I love seeing music legends in the flesh, performing their songs and jumping off stage to get more intimate with their fans. It’s every person’s dream to catch a selfie with his or her’s artist.

The amazing dynamic about The Jazz Café is that it’s a vessel to meet new people who share your love of music. You can go by yourself and nobody cares, you’re welcomed with smiles.

Before I found out about The Jazz Café, I had to create this musical experience in the diameter of my friend’s bedroom; watching our favourite neo-soul artists through the screen of YouTube. We devised our own concerts, but now we have a place where we can enjoy and vibe along with the music.

If you’re an independent artist and need a platform to showcase your talent contact somewhereto_ to get a great space. Every space you book helps support young creative’s in the capital.

Writers bio:

the jazz cafe CamdenMy name is Charlotte Banafo and I am  25 years old. I am a Business Management – Marketing graduate, hoping to pursue a career in marketing. I am currently doing a work experience programme at Livity, which is amazing.

I love writing, poetry/spoken word, music, fashion and travelling; making each life experience count, as living is better than dreaming.