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The Most Effective and Efficient Flip Phone for Seniors

Introducing the people who grew up when phones were still connected by wires, also known as the senior citizens of our world today. In our rapidly evolving and technologically advanced world, senior citizens also deserve the best cell phone that fulfills their needs, fits their budget, and is suitable for their abilities. The answer for this will vary from person to person, but the best cell phone for seniors is a flip phone that will allow them to make occasional texts and voice calls. During a recent survey, the use of mobile phones among seniors is constantly growing. They prefer a simple flip phone rather than one technologically advanced. Senior citizens nowadays prefer a mobile phone that is very convenient, reliable, and simple. That is what the Jitterbug is known for.

The Value of the Jitterbug Phone

The Jitterbug flip cell phone has been built as a simple mobile phone particularly for seniors. They do not have to learn some alien technology that they have to decipher in order to successfully use it. When they are ready to dial, all they have to do is to flip open the cover and use the extremely visible and large keys. They also have the power to tell the phone who to call. Seniors will hear a familiar dial tone that will tell them that it is ready for them to make a call. The voice dialing capabilities of the Jitterbug will easily connect them to the right person that they are calling.

In addition to this, there are different upgraded features that are easy to use if they choose to take advantage of it. There is a simple yes and no button placed at the menu instead of complex icons. If they need help, they can dial “0” any time of the day and a friendly U.S.-based operator will be happy to assist. The Jitterbug Direct offers advanced features. It can easily share photos with its built-in camera. It has a flashlight with an integrated magnifier for dark areas. The primary objective of the flip phone is to provide features that are easy to access and easy to read.

A Simple and Better Life

The simplicity of the Jitterbug allows them to make phone calls easier even when they are on the go. It has a high-contrast colored screen that is huge, bright, and very easy to see whether it is daytime or night time. People will have no trouble pressing dialing keys because of its legible and big number dial pad. It also features an amplified speaker to make calls louder and a built-in speakerphone that will allow them to talk and listen to loved ones hands-free. This kind of phone is very compatible even for people with hearing aids.

Senior citizens value affordability and cost-effectiveness. They try their best to avoid phone bills that are totaling hundreds of dollars per month. With the use of a Jitterbug phone, they do not have to worry about their phone bills because it is an impressive phone with an affordable cost. Phone plans go as low as $15 per month exclusive of taxes. The phones have suitable plans since it is best for occasional calling, emergency use, and additional services that are free.

Indeed, this is the easiest cell phone for seniors. The Jitterbug flip cell phone was built as a simple and affordable cell phone for seniors that do not lack any useful feature. It was developed with cutting-edge features that make it easy to hear, easy to see, and easy to use, at the best price. According to research, this type of phone is the wisest choice for senior citizens who need a mobile phone because of its benefit and safety factor.  It was simply designed to be useful for seniors without any swiping or tapping on the screen and other kinds of navigation that could possibly confuse them.

Last but not least, a Jitterbug flip phone has a charging cradle that makes it easy for senior citizens to charge their phone without having the need to untangle cords or tiny cables. All they need to do is to slide the phone into the cradle as gently as possible, wait for it to charge. Once it is full, they can enjoy and have fun using the flip phone once again.