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The Pros and Cons of Ikea Cabinet Doors

Ikea has become a global phenomenon, offering practically everything for your home, including Ikea cabinet doors and full kitchens. Before you head down to your nearest Ikea for your kitchen renovation, there are some pros and cons to consider.

The Pros

1. Affordability

Ikea cabinet doors, cabinets, and drawers can be had for a fraction of what you’ll pay for a custom made kitchen. When you save on your benchtops and cupboards, you’ll have budget left over for sleek kitchen appliances and gorgeous accessories.

2. Beautiful Designs

There are some great designs offered at Ikea, which includes some neat features that allow you to maximise your space. You can take narrow, dead spaces in your kitchen and create additional storage or enhance functionality.

3. Easy Replacement Parts

If anything gets damaged, you can order new pieces straight from Ikea. Whether you need a new hinge or a replacement handle, just pick one up on your next visit. You can also get replacement Ikea doors for cabinets from third party retailers like The Kitchen Door Company.

4. Substantial Warranty

If you use the Ikea installers, you can enjoy a substantial warranty for your new kitchen. The METOD system is supplied with a 25 year warranty, with just handles, knobs, wall panels, splashbacks and free standing kitchen islands as the only exclusions.

5. DIY Possibilities

If you enjoy DIY, then you can create a fantastic kitchen with Ikea. All the kitchen elements are supplied, and you can assemble them yourself. You can even customise your kitchen to perfectly suit your space.

The Cons

1. Limited Colour Options

While there is a great range of traditional and modern styles, there are limited colour choices. When you compare the Ikea range to Laminex cabinet doors, you’ll see that you are quite restricted. Another colour issue is that white is not always what you would consider white. While there are lots of white cabinet ranges, when you compare them, it is obvious that there are creamy, yellow and even pinkish shades of white.

2. More Suited to Larger Kitchens

If you have a smaller kitchen with lots of nooks and restricted spaces, there are limited options to make the most of your available space. While it may be more costly to get a design professional to create a custom kitchen, you’re likely to get more storage and better use of your space. There are also limited options if you want non standard kitchen designs. For example, if you want an extra wide benchtop, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

3. Customer Service Issues

Unlike with a dedicated kitchen design company, you’ll be restricted to dealing with Ikea customer service for any issues, including installation delays. While you may not expect the first class service you’d receive with a custom kitchen company, you may struggle with chasing up remodelling details.

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen or just want to update your kitchen with new Ikea cabinet doors, be sure to speak to us. The Kitchen Door company specialises in kitchens, and we also offer IKEA doors for cabinets, so we’d be delighted to help.