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Tips for buying a stairlift for your home

Independence is one of the priceless possessions which is very much close to everybody’s heart. If we are able to do things for ourselves on our own then we are independent. With age, some people lose their strength and ability to move around freely. Controlling our age is not within our hands, a person can never be young and fit forever. With time several things change and one of those things is our mobility. In old age, climbing stairs is never easy and after a certain time, some older people are not able to climb stairs.

Some negative impacts of climbing stairs in old age are:

  1. Older adults are almost five times more likely to experience a stair related injury. Due to loss of vision and other factors, older adults are more likely to fall and this can result in a serious injury.
  2. Many older adults experience joint pain and arthritis. Climbing flights of stairs can even cause severe pain which can make the person more uncomfortable.

Needing a person every time to climb the stairs is unfeasible and this is why buying a stair lift is recommended. Why be dependent on a carer or friend/family member when stair lifts are available? Stair lifts help the user to go up and down stairs without any physical exhaustion and there are stair lifts from Age UK Mobility and other firms which are available for reasonable prices.

Some potential tips for buying stair lifts are:

  • Durability: One of the most important things to remember before buying a stair lift is to check the durability of the product. More durable products will last much longer.
  • The size of the stairs: Many houses have narrow flights of stairs. Thus a large stair lift may not fit. Tobuy the best-suited product, you should check the size of your stairs.
  • Trusted dealer:A stair lift should always be bought from a trusted and reputed dealer because they are mostly used by older adults. A reputed dealer will always be concerned about his reputation and the health of the user.

Some advantages of buying stair lifts from reputed brands like Age UK Mobility are:

  1. They promise to provide the best products with the highest safety standards because they are concerned about their customers.
  2. Their products are durable.
  3. Their stair lifts are more affordable compared to other brands.
  4. The customers are always satisfied with their products.

Trusted brands like Age UK Mobility provide the best mobility aids which are 100 percent genuine products with a guarantee. They are always polite to their customers and their customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Before you buy your stair lift you should look to do your research as it might be a case that you need a certain model or type of stair lift for your home. If you have a curved staircase then a curved stair lift is what you will need. You should also compare the prices of the different stair lifts and look at what other services are being offered, for example, free installation etc.