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Tips for Turning Down a Second Date

Most people are eager to go out on a first date with someone they have met and like. Before you meet physically, it is difficult to tell the true personality and character of a person. As disappointing as it is, you might go on the first date and quickly realize that you do not want to have another date. It is easy to avoid the second date if the other person is also not for it, but things become a little tougher if there are signs of a second date request. However, you can still turn it down without hurting the other person, causing any drama or putting your life in any danger.

Assess Your Heart

Before you can say no or show signs that you are not interested in any other date with this person, you need to assess your heart. It is paramount to be sure of the reasons why you have just changed your mind after accepting the first date. In many cases, major issues and things you cannot cope with are the reasons why you may not want to continue with another date. If this is the case, then you have to strategize on how to handle things in the right way until the other person is content with your decision.

Explain How You Feel

If it is clear that you are not interested in starting a relationship with this person, there is no need to waste more time on a second date unless both of you agree to a casual relationship. If this is the case, you must explain to the other individual how you feel about the wholething. It is best to give hints before she or he shows interest in requesting another date. But even if the request has already been made, you can still be honest and provide explanations of why you think that the two of you cannot have a second date.

Saying No

It is hard to just say no if the request for a second date is made. This is a person who you have probably met online on social media or gay dating sites and may not turn out to be who she or he claimed to be. You should not be afraid to say no and go back to the drawing board. The good thing is that these dating platforms can always lead you to another potential partner within a short time.

Remain Calm and Respectful

Few people will take your decline for a second date lightly. Some will try and turn the tables on you and even attempt to cause drama. Probably, they think that this gives them a win. However, you should remain cool and respectful at all times throughout the date. The best thing to do if the other person becomes too harsh is to walk away. But if this person understands, you can stay and finish your date without any drama.


Turning down a second date is not so easy. Some people feel that accepting the first date is a guarantee that they are for a second and are ready to kick off a relationship. But as you can see, it is possible to turn down the second date. Actually, many people can turn out to be good friends even after this.