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Tips on Beginning Pilates Online With Glo


Glo is quickly changing how pilates lovers partake in their favorite form of exercise. Gone are the days where you have to pay for an expensive studio membership in order to do pilates. With Glo, you can do pilates online in the comfort of your living room for a monthly price that you can afford.

Those who are starting pilates online but have previous pilates experience often find it to be a pretty easy transition. However, those who are starting pilates for the first time are often intimidated by this new and unique form of fitness.

Pilates is an amazing way to stay in shape and it’s accessible to everyone no matter their current level of fitness. To help you jump into doing pilates for the first time, here are some tips on beginning pilates online with Glo.

Start Slow and Simple

Don’t strive to be a pilates champion on your very first day. As with any other form of fitness, mastering pilates takes a lot of time and a lot of practice. Very few people will be pilates experts after their first class.

During those first classes and first weeks doing pilates online, be sure to take it slow. Glo instructors often provide students with modifications for challenging poses. Don’t try to be a hero during your first few classes. Instead, do the modified versions of the more challenging poses so that you may ease into your new fitness regimen without risking an injury.

Follow The Provided Schedule

Glo pilates programs offer schedules that students can follow. Different programs are also specified as being ideal for beginners. Try to stick to the schedules provided to you and only take the beginner courses when you’re first getting started. Remember, the expert Glo instructors have put a lot of time and care into designing these programs and their schedules. They know the path that students should follow if they want to avoid hurting themselves and learn all of the various moves in a safe and healthy manner.

Take Breaks and Days Off As Needed

Pilates works by targeting those little muscles that are often neglected in traditional strength training. This is how pilates is able to sculpt those toned dancer physiques that we all totally envy. However, for those who aren’t used to this type of exercise, expect to feel some major soreness after your first few classes.

Know when to take breaks during a class. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally pausing the video to grab some water or stretch out any muscles that feel tight. Similarly, you can take a day off if you feel extremely sore. On days like these, try one of Glo’s restorative yoga classes. This allows you to stay active while simultaneously rejuvenating your body and helping your muscles to heal faster.

Try To Be Consistent

Results won’t come from one or two classes. Rather, getting the coveted “pilates body” comes from staying consistent to your program month after month. It takes some hard work, but the results will be quite worth it. Thankfully, Glo offers a wide array of classes to keep your at-home workouts exciting and interesting. You’ll never be bored as you proceed on your pilates journey.

Doing pilates online is an amazing way to transform your body and improve your physical fitness. Some of the moves might look simple, but they’re extremely powerful in transforming your body and helping you to achieve the lean look of your dreams. Thanks to Glo, you no longer have to be a slave to expensive studio fees to enjoy the benefits of pilates.