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Tips on Reducing Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprint damage is essential for us all and the reality is that no matter how tough you may think it is to make these changes, most of them are in fact very simple indeed. We all need to work together on this because the reality of climate change is clearer than it has ever been before. With this in mind here are just some of the things which you can do to try and reduce the impact which you have on the planet.


Wherever possible you should be looking to walk, cycle or use public transport to get from A to B. We have a huge problem with too many cars on the road and very often there is only ever one or two people in the vehicle, which means that it is taking up space on the road and pumping out chemicals which isn’t necessary. If you must drive then find ways in which you can car share so that at the very least you can fill up the car which is being used, and reduce other cars from having to be on the road.

Meat Eaters

Something which not enough people are aware of is the great damage which eating meat can have on the planet. All of those trees being chopped down in our rainforests are being done so that we can grow more crops to find the animals which are waiting slaughter for us to eat. If you don’t want to completely give up eating meat then you should seek to reduce the amount which you consume, and look to only buy from organic and responsible farms which operate a sustainable business that doesn’t destroy the planet.

Energy Saving

We can all take very simple steps which will help us to save energy around the home which will in turn reduce the amount of fossil fuels which have to be burned. Closing doors and wearing extra clothing to stay warm, setting timers for our central heating systems so that we don’t have to overspend and only using dishwashers and dryers when absolutely necessary, these are just some of the steps which you can take to ensure that you are reducing your energy usage at home.

Voting and Talking

It may have already dawned on you that we are a very small part of the problem and whilst that is  not to say that we shouldn’t do anything, it is important that we still make our voices heard. This means voting for those parties who are actually going to act on those big businesses which pollute our planet. This also means talking about what is going on and sharing ideas for how we can all make changes to live in a greener planet. Remember that voting is not just about elections, we also vote with our money when we buy from certain companies, which is why we should avoid buying from those who are the biggest perpetrators of polluting the planet .

Simple steps which can make a big difference.