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Tips To Consider When Getting A Dog

Deciding which type of dog you should bring into your family can be a difficult decision. The most important thing that you and your family must look for in your new dog is one that will get along with children of all ages. You should find a breeder or a rescue shelter that has tested the dog or puppy around children to ensure that it is not aggressive in any way. After picking the right dog that meets you and your family’s needs, you must properly train your new dog and teach your children how to care for it.

Caring For Your Dog

Caring for your dog is a huge responsibility. Each person in your family, no matter how young, should have an active role in caring for your dog. Your dog, no matter which one you choose, will need to be fed daily, walked, brushed, and trained. Your dog should be feed high-quality dog food to help it live a happier, healthier life. You can also find small dog supplements to give your dog what it needs to stay strong and healthy. Young children can help give your new dog food and water each day. All dogs respect the person who feeds them so if you feel like a family member is not connecting well with the dog, this would be a great job for them.

Proper training is also crucial when getting a new pet. You should teach them commands like sit and stay, but you should also focus on keeping them off furniture, teaching them to stay in a crate if needed, and teaching them not to bark. Training your dog early and often while using positive reinforcement can help ensure that you and your family train the dog that you desire.

Best Small Breeds For Families

Small breeds are a great option for families who do not have a large yard or a lot of space for a dog. They are naturally lap dogs and are easy to travel with. Some small breeds of dogs can be territorial and are not good with children, however, here are some of the best small breeds that are great with families.

Beagles are a great option for families because they are very active dogs and have a lot of energy to play with children. They are described as being happy, intelligent, and social dogs. These dogs are easy to train, are great lap dogs, and even have a houndlike bark that can help guard your home.

A Yorkshire terrier is another great option for families, but since these dogs can get a bit nippy, it is important to get these dogs as a puppy. Getting these dogs as a puppy can help you mold the dog into a family dog. They can get aggressive when they play and should be trained properly, but all kids are sure to love how small and cute they are.

A pug is an excellent family dog because they are smart, easily trainable, and not aggressive towards children. They love to play or sit on your lap so no matter what kind of lifestyle you have this dog would make a great new pet. These dogs, however, do not do well in extreme heat or cold.

Another great option is a Maltese. These dogs are as intelligent as they come. They are easily able to be trained and love getting attention. They are beautiful dogs, but to keep up their soft coat they need to be brushed multiple times each week.

Another great small breed that will do well in a family home is a Shih Tzu. These dogs are very affectionate and love getting attention from anyone in the family. They do not require a lot of exercise and would do well with children of any age. They lovable personality makes them the perfect lap dog.

Bringing Your New Dog Home

Taking your new dog home can be a bit of a challenge. You need to ensure that your home is set up to welcome your new dog and to make it feel as comfortable as possible. It is a new environment and your dog may need some time to adjust. Do not start playing with it right away, rather give it time to sniff around your home and get adjusted. You should already have food and water set up in your home so your dog knows exactly where to find it. You should also ensure that your dog has a dog bed and plenty of toys to play with. These things can help make the process much easier and make all people and pets feel more comfortable.