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Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring is not the only time to clean your home thoroughly. You know exactly when to deepclean because you know when the last time was that you gave cleaning and reorganizing any attention. If you have children in the house, you need to do it more religiously to keep your home safe for them. Spring cleaning should not scare you. You can pace yourself and do it room by room, or top to bottom. Here are tips to make the chore easier.

Declutter first

Declutter first by sorting out items you want to dispose of. Do this by area or by room. Examine items and categorize which ones you want to keep and dispose of. Prepare some big storage boxes or trash bags for a faster process. This seems overwhelming at first, but you will be surprised by how it will benefit you and your home after.

Work from the top down

Allow a few days to finish spring cleaning depending on the size of your home. Do not be pressured to finish it right away unless you have people to help you and no toddlers to bother you. Start by tidying up your home first. Thorough cleaning means cleaning every part of your home, so start with the ceilings, then the dusting and scrubbing of the floor. This is best done after you have de-cluttered, so you have more space to move around or more plenty of space to store your essentials.

Do not forget your curtains and carpets

Dry clean your curtains or wash them yourself. Deep clean your carpets. Do not worry, there are professionals you can hire or cleaning equipment you can rent to make this chore easier. If you have fabric upholstery, this is the best time to deep clean it as well.

Get rid of moths

Do not skip your drawers and cabinets because moths might be living in there. Wipe them thoroughly or apply some cedar wood oil. Wash clothes at high temperature to kill larvae.

Wipe lights

Using a damp cloth, wipe light bulbs but make sure they are off. Clean removable parts as well.

Vacuum your mattress

Turn your mattress upside down, this is good to keep its shape. Vacuum it on a low setting to get rid of dust and insects.

Freshen beds

A clean mattress is not enough, so launder your pillows, duvets or quilts; they are all washable. You can call a professional laundering service to handle this for you.

To make spring cleaning easier, share the load. You do not have to do everything yourself. Discuss your plan with your family or housemates so you can schedule it at a time everyone is free to help. Plan it well by identifying which tasks to do first. If you end up with piles of trash after decluttering, there is junk removal in Fort Lauderdale you can count on to haul it away. What seems daunting can be easier by planning properly and knowing whom you can call to help you.