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Top Things to Do in Utah for First-Time Visitors

Utah has a reputation for stunning landscapes, breath-taking canyons and the rugged outdoors. Attracting a wide range of tourists from nature lovers and mountain bikers to families and shopaholics, the state offers something for everyone. Several utah vacation rentals provide visitors with the highest level of luxury and comfort for the length of their stay. If this is your first time, keep reading and discover the top things to do in the Beehive State.

Go Hiking

The most popular activity in Utah is to get out and indulge in the incredible surroundings. Hundreds of trails penetrate the vast wilderness leading to vantage points, dramatic canyons and a whole host of other natural wonders. Some include a short loop taking around an hour while others require a full day to reach the almost secret spots. If you do plan to go hiking, remember to put safety as your number one priority. Utah is a dangerous place – snakes, scorpions and spiders live in the undergrowth. Avoid venturing from the marked trails and bring plenty of water. Utah’s national parks are also worth visiting. Head to either Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park. The first houses the meandering Virgin River while the second features unusual rock formations.

Salt Lake City’s Temple Square

Salt Lake City houses a large Mormon community, which manifests in the central Temple Square. This is among the most famous landmarks in Utah attracting hordes of visitors every day. The complex consists of the Salt Lake Assembly Hall, the Salt Lake Temple and The Tabernacle along with the Seagull Monument. Explore the outside before joining a 45-minute free walking tour of the complex. Book your place the night before, and feel wowed by the stunning architecture of this incredible religious building. However, not everyone feels comfortable with the level of tacit preaching. Read TripAdvisor reviews and get an idea of what to expect.

Visit the Quirky Union Station Ogden

The former train station located to the north of Salt Lake City recently underwent an amazing transformation. Rather than catering to passengers, it’s now a history museum on 25th Street. Consisting of a total of four museums and two galleries, it promises to be an engaging and fascinating trip. Most people spend at least two hours inside the complex and come away with an understanding of the local history. This is among the more family-friendly activities in Utah, especially with older children. It might be worth checking their website to discover more of what Union Station Ogden is all about and to find information on ticket prices.

Hit the Shops

Few people associate Utah with shopping. But City Creek Center smashes that misconception. Shops stocked with the latest fashion and technology fill the mall catering to the more affluent. While you might not be able to buy a new wardrobe, it does provide an air-conditioned haven in the middle of the hot summer. Before you go inside, check out the stunning architecture and take some Instagram shots. Regular fountain shows in the evening also entertain customers. If you’re looking for bargains, consider making a trip to either Fashion Place Mall or Trolley Square.

Have a Day of Culture in Provo

Provo is a cultural centre approximately 50 minutes south of Salt Lake City. With dozens of museums and galleries, this town is a popular stop for visitors to Salt Lake City. Tourists have access to a broad spectrum of museums including art galleries, science museums and speciality spots promising an afternoon of education fun. Head to the Crandall Historical Printing Museum, Monte L Bean Life Science Museum and the Brigham Young University Museum of Art. Before you commit to the excursion, search their websites to get a better idea of the displays and admission costs. It might be a good idea to find out which ones you want to visit before turning up to make the most out of your time.

Climb the Provo Peak

If you’re not into culture, you can still head down to Provo for a day of hiking. Prove Peak offers a challenging path to reach its summit through tough terrain. Apart from the stunning views at the top, it provides a challenge for the more endurance-oriented travellers. But before the hike begins, you’ll first need to pass along dirt roads and precarious corners. A 4×4 is essential and the peak can only be attempted during the summer months. If this is something you would like to try, spend at least a week or two planning and making provisions. Bring enough water and tell someone where you’re going. Getting lost, injuries or cars breaking down are all too common.

Test Your Nerve with Indoor Skydiving at iFly Utah

If you want to feel the thrill of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane, head to Ogden’s iFly Utah. The indoor skydiving centre located near Union Station does precisely what it says on the tin. Visitors put on safety equipment and get to experience the feeling of zero gravity. This is among the top family-friendly activities in Utah for those with thrill-seeking tendencies. Check out their website and choose a package which suits your interests.

Having a Memorable Trip to Utah

Utah offers so much more than its rugged landscapes, canyons and national parks. Instead, it has a plethora of activities to suit all ages and interests from shopping malls with the latest fashion to quirky museums. When you come to Utah, be sure to hit the trails, visit the museums and take the opportunity to try out indoor skydiving.