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Top tips to get your home prepared for summer

Now the weather is heating up, and our homes are getting warmer, it is time to start thinking about making some changes to your property. This could include anything from a complete renovation to slight decor changes which will, of course, depend on your budget and the condition of your property. To help you prepare your home, you should consider the following tips which will have your property summer-ready in no time.

Spruce up your exterior

In the summer months, you tend to have more visitors for garden parties and BBQs, so you need to make sure your exterior looks good. To do this, you should start by tidying up your garden which includes mowing the lawn, planting new flowers, and pulling up weeds. You should also consider purchasing new garden furniture, including lounge chairs, and a dining area which will offer you and your guests somewhere to relax in the sun.

Updating the front of your home is also important, as this is the first thing that people see, therefore it must look aesthetically pleasing. There are simple changes you can make, such as re-painting your doors or windows in a brighter colour, like red or yellow to reflect the summer season. You should also consider conducting any repairs on the roof or gutters to make sure your exterior looks neat and tidy. Adding lights to the front and back of your property is also a great feature as it will highlight your garden, while also offering high-quality home security.

Bring the outside in

To fully embrace the summer vibe in your home, you should add some greenery to your exterior and give your home a botanical feel. You can choose either long-lasting indoor plants like aloe and cacti or colourful artificial plants to add some colour to your home.

If you want to adopt the botanical theme throughout your home, you should choose floral-themed decorations like cushions, ornaments or even flower-printed wallpaper. Try not to go overboard with this look, especially on your walls, where you should just place flowery patterns on a feature wall in the bedroom or living room.

Lighten up your decor

Another great way to update your interior decor is by changing the colour of your walls. If you have dark wallpaper in any of your rooms, you should consider stripping this and replacing it with lighter shades like white or even light green.

You could also brighten up rooms like your kitchen or bathroom, where you can repaint cabinets in hues of yellow or blue to make your space look brighter and more summery. This is a popular design in the properties available at RW Invest, which have been incorporated into their contemporary kitchen décor – offering a fresh summery feel.

Let the light in

One of the greatest benefits of summer is that you can make the most of natural light and brighten up your home. Removing heavy or blackout curtains and replacing them with light-coloured blinds will significantly enhance the light in your living space

By making these slight changes, you can also reduce the amount of electricity you use, as there is no need to switch on lights when your rooms are illuminated by natural light. This will help you save a significant amount on your energy bills, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.