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Touring around Mumbai, the land of dreams

Mumbai is the land of dreams, but this densely populated and congested city got its original name Bombay from the Portuguese when they were in charge of the then natural water bay. So they termed it ‘Bom Bhaia’ which means ‘good bay’ in Portuguese. Once an archipelago of 7 islands, these united over 5 centuries to form what is known today as Mumbai. Mumbai is known for Bollywood but what has thrived longer than the entertainment industry is the fishing industry along its coastline of around 150 kilometers. Taking about the airwaves, the Juhu Aerodrome which now hosts the Bombay flying club was the first airport in India. Home to the largest slum of the world, in this city the poorest live along with the richest.

How to reach Mumbai

It’s better to be familiar with Mumbai’s public transport system which includes the Mumbai suburban railways, metro, monorail, BEST buses, auto rickshaws, ferries and meter taxis since they form the backbone of the city and this is how one can reach places easily and cheaply.

For air transport, there is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which has been crowned as the second busiest airport in India. It monitors both domestic and international flights so, long distance flights like from London to Mumbai, Moscow to Mumbai or Dubai to Mumbai flights and more are easily available.

Things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai is a place where one can get everything from the cheapest to the priciest, there’s something for everyone here and similarly varied are the experiences in here.

  • Sailing: With a long coastline and is situated beside the Arabian Sea, sailing is the natural choice to go for. One can enjoy sailing for two hours and more in an international class keelboat. Enjoying the scenic blue clean water as the wind blows on the skin is amazing.
  • Helicopter ride: From the seas to the skies, there’s something for everyone in Mumbai. If the skies are more enticing then going for an aerial journey over well-known Mumbai spots will be suitable. This way one can enjoy some calm and peace, being way above the bustling traffic of the city.
  • Cycling: This might seem a bit much for tourists, but in a city where traffic jams are a common issue, exploring the city by cycling will save money and time both. Moreover one will be able to see and visit more places, especially those like Nariman Point, RIN, Gateway of India and more.
  • Exploring the markets: The markets of Mumbai are not just any ordinary affair, they are filled with a lot more. From the Archetypal-Gothic architecture of the Crawford market to the Mangalda which is known as the Haven for fashion designers, this city hosts everything. Don’t forget to have some of the best vada pavs in mumbai.
  • Pro tip: Do visit the flower market for getting some refreshing aroma of fresh flowers. Visitors will surely need it after some time.

Surfing Mumbai takes some gumption because this city tests some limits. But this is also true that there’s nothing quite like Mumbai in the whole world.