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Types Kitchen Cabinet Doors and How to Pick One

Kitchens are often regarded to be the heart of the home, a place to gather loved ones around food and drink, a comforting space to start the day and area for creating delectable consumables. With a substantial amount of time spent in this space, it’s no wonder that homeowners would want to make it as appealing and welcoming as possible.

When entering a kitchen, the first thing that draws attention is usually the kitchen cabinet doors. Making up the largest surface area in the space, cabinet doors have the power to set the mood and tone of the entire kitchen. Glossy, polished cabinets will undoubtedly give a different feeling compared to understated matt finishes. Cabinets are an integral part of the kitchen, working double duty providing effective storage solutions as well as useful workspace for food preparation in addition to making the kitchen look put together. For a large selection of kitchen cabinets in many different styles, check out Kitchen Cabinet Depot’s online store.

There are numerous options in terms of materials, styles and finishes, so much so that it can easily become overwhelming for homeowners who are looking to renovate or refurbish their kitchens. Between melamine, acrylic, vinyl and polyurethane, it can be difficult deciding which type of finish is right. Here’s a guide to several types of finishes available:

1mm ABS Edged Melamine Doors

Laminex and Formica are the leaders in durable laminate cabinet options. Melamine is an incredibly sturdy material that is made to withstand daily use: perfect for the kitchen. Melamine doors are scratch and abrasion resistant and will last a long time with proper care. It is a strong and hard surface that is resistant to fungus and borer insects and can handle household cleaning detergents without any detrimental effects. There is a vast range of colours, textures and finishes to choose from: solids, patterns, even natural textures like wood grain. However, melamine finishes can be damaged by pooling water and is not suitable for areas that are will see high water usage such as the sink. Water seeping into the board can make for unsightly warping and peeling.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS is one of the newer edge banding materials on the market. An environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, it shares many characteristics but with the added benefit of being recyclable or safely incinerated. It is extremely durable, heat and water resistant and can take daily wear and tear incredibly well. In addition, it is very flexible, making it possible to apply to various board shapes whether curved or straight.

Vinyl Wrapped Doors

Bonlex vinyls are an ideal high quality material for modern cabinet doors for all areas of the home. They are a highly durable material with vacuum sealed edges to ensure a smooth and seamless finish. Though similar to melamine doors, vinyl wrapped cabinet doors are thermoformed with the use of heat and vacuum, sealing the edges tightly, creating a more seamless professional appearance. This process enables vinyl wrapped doors to be routered with designs. Much like ABS edged melamine doors, there is a vast array of colours and designs to choose from in a range of different finishes. However, as the manufacturing process utilised heat to shape the vinyl, the edges are susceptible to peeling if exposed to excessive amounts of heat.

Acrylic Doors

Acrylic doors have a high quality finish; a premium surface solution with a modern edge. A great alternative to glass, Stylite acrylic doors are available in two finishes: high gloss and velvet. The gloss finish is unlike any other, offering an ultra smooth, glossy appearance that is highly reflective. It is a superior gloss finish compared to all other doors. Both of the finishes available are UV and scratch resistant with small scratches easily buffed out of the surface. Unlike melamine and vinyl wrapped doors, the colour options for acrylic doors are more limited and the quality finish comes with a premium price point.

Painted Doors

Painted doors offer the highest degree of customisation with unlimited colour options in a variety of finishes such as matte, textured, satin and gloss. They can be customised to match existing cabinetry or other furniture in the home. A painted finish allows for seamless edges but it is also more vulnerable to chipping and scratching. As it is a manual and labour intensive process, the colour consistency may vary depending on the person who is doing the production. Moreover, production times are longer as a result. However, a fully customised design will ensure that the  kitchen stands out as unique.


Gloss, matte or something in between? High gloss finishes are a statement making option that can make smaller spaces appear larger and more open due to its reflective properties. It is more suited to contemporary kitchens with flat cabinet fronts to maximise the mirror-like effect. However, fingerprints, scratches and spills will be very apparent on a glossy surface and will require diligent upkeep to maintain the appearance.

Matte finishes, on the other hand, work best in larger kitchens with plenty of light. Country style or traditional kitchens tend to gravitate more towards matte finishes for a classic look. The lack of reflective properties can make kitchens appear darker or smaller especially if there is insufficient light in the space.

A popular choice for many homeowners is something in between, either a satin or semi-gloss finish. It strikes a happy medium, simultaneously reflecting light but also being forgiving enough when it comes to fingerprints and scratches.

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