Welcome to our new and improved website!

You can still find and book free space in your region here.

We’ve developed this new website because somewhereto_ is evolving to stand on it’s own feet.

Starting with London, somewhereto_ is focussing its energy and experience to create a sustainable business, which connects amazing, versatile spaces with young creatives who bring life to the city.

We are opening London spaces up to customers over the age of 25 to book and make their own. Every time they do this, a young person in London will receive free space in which to pursue their dreams.

Why are we doing this?

We are on a mission to keep London creative. Soaring London prices mean young creatives are struggling to find the time and money to be able to pursue their creative projects – they find themselves marginalised, or in many cases, pushed out of the capital altogether. We believe fostering young creativity is vital to keep our city vibrant, diverse and creative.

We use commision made on our portfolio of amazing spaces, rented to over 25s, to fund free spaces that would otherwise be closed to our brightest young creatives.

If you’d like to find out more, sign up to our campaign now and share our mission on Twitter and Facebook.