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What You Should Know Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Buying cabinets for your kitchen is an in-depth process. You want the best for your
updated space, but you are working under certain constraints. Before buying your
kitchen cabinets, you want to look at your budget, kitchen size, targeted style, the
construction type, and the quality of the cabinetry.

Your Budget

Your budget will drive many of the decisions that you make regarding kitchen cabinets.
Fortunately, if you know where to look, it is possible to find high-quality cabinetry at a
relatively affordable price. Make a clear, organized budget, so you have a solid idea of
how much you have to spend. Your cabinets make up a significant portion of the cost of
kitchen updates, but they also have a tremendous impact on the overall look of the

Size of Your Kitchen

You may have a grand vision for your kitchen. Before you get going on your update or
remodel, though, you want to measure all of the spaces where you will be installing
your cabinets. Once you have your measurements, you can narrow down the types of
cabinets to choose from, as well as help calculate budget estimates. Whether you are
planning on stock or custom cabinets, having precise sizing numbers will help you find
the best fit.


There are many styles of kitchen cabinets. Your choices range from limited stock
products to fully customized options. Much of your decision stems from the dream that
you have for your kitchen. Shaker style cabinets, for example, will fit within specific
design schemes, and not others. Contemporary cabinets will work well in modern
kitchens, but not always with traditional versions. Different colors, materials, and
accents will all influence the overall mood of the kitchen. Consider the look and feel that
you are targeting and find the cabinets that will match your kitchen vision.

Cabinet Construction

Kitchen cabinets come in several main categories and offer a lot of variety of choices.
Stock models are pre-built and assembled. They are limited in available options but are
generally more affordable than others. RTA, or ready to assemble cabinets are the most
budget-friendly. The quality among RTA cabinets varies widely, so make sure that you
shop around. Semi-custom cabinets are a mix of stock sizes and styles, with the option
to customize individual components. Custom versions are usually the most expensive
option, but supply the most flexibility to designers looking to add personal touches.


The most critical item to look for when you are buying kitchen cabinets is quality. In
each category, there is a vast range of the class of materials and craftsmanship. The
quality matters, whether it is the hardware, finishes, hardwoods, or panels. No matter
the size of your budget, you will want to focus on durable, reliable components for your
kitchen cabinets.


There is a lot to consider when you are selecting a kitchen cabinet. By narrowing it down
to these components, you can find the right products for your style and budget. Make
sure that you are purchasing the highest-quality cabinets that you can afford, and your
kitchen will thank you.