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Why is it indispensable for your Recruitment Team to employ Pre-Hiring Test?

Having the finest and most productive staff members can give you an edge in your business. No matter how good your ideas are or how powerful your roadmap is; if the people working your organization are not professional, skilled and professional; things can turn out to be less efficient and warmish for your growth.  You have to make sure that you always have the right individuals working in your company. After all, it is about every effort you put and money you invest. Your business is not made up of bricks but of fervent, skilled, efficient and informed employees. In other words, you have to be conscious about people you are recruiting in your organization.

What you can do is you can do investment in the procedures like pre-hiring assessment test. Such assessments get you a peep into the candidate before you get them on board. Indeed, it is also true that just like anything else, not all the business leaders or company owners agree on the concept of pre-employment testing. There are businessmen who think it is a necessity while others have pessimistic views about it. This makes sense believing that people are mostly ignorant of the advantages and legality of assessments.

In case you take it in from a legal standpoint, assessments are just in-depth interview. It is usually legal if it is not getting used to discriminate. A certain example of testing discrimination is in case an employer gives jerry a math test even though he is simply applying for a typist position. Once Jerry fails, the employer or boss can say he was not really fine enough, despite math not being a skill or knowledge required for executing the responsibilities of the work.

Perks of assessments before hiring

There are different benefits and you can have a look at a few of them below:

Evaluate the attitude and behaviour

Once used correctly, pre-employment testing permits the hiring manager or recruitment team to examine the behavioural and attitude aptitude of the candidates and his or her core abilities. It all assists in determine if they are a great fit for the position and their business. More particularly, the right and proper assessments can assist you impartially evaluate qualities that are not really apparent during the interview procedure and feedback from references.

Actually, you know what these interviews are intact and significant part of any hiring procedure. But it is also true that these days the candidates rehearse and re-rehearse the interviews. In this way they try to convey what the employers want to hear in the interview. They have mastered the trick of manipulating the entire interview and hence the whole interview procedure turns out to be mere show. But if there would be assessment tests before the recruitment, the candidates are not going to be able to get through it in a fake way. They cannot rehearse it in any way. After all, tests hit the candidates in the zones wherein they are weak or naïve.

The future predictions of the candidate

Testing prior to making a recruitment decision can even shed light on which kind of candidate has more of the intangible qualities that might be needed to be successful in a position once you have shortlisted the field to a couple of top candidates. Indeed, through the assessment prior to the recruitment, you might get to know about the intangible capabilities of the candidates and hence you can decide better about what they are able of and how they can be fit in your organization. You would also get an idea about which area is going to be apt for the applicant and why. In this way you would make the most of the recruited candidates.

Test them in diverse fields

Businesses can easily test candidates for a diversity of different qualities, like that of cognitive abilities, people skills, physical and motor abilities, basic work skills, attitude attributes, personality, emotional intelligence, potential behavioural problems, language proficiency and integrity. Apart from all this, drug testing and background checks might also be encompassed as part of the pre-employment assessment selection procedure.

In this way once you have an idea that you have checked the candidates in the areas that they should be strong at, you can be sure that you are making the proper decision. It would get a lot easier for you to pick the best ones. After all it is not just about the core calibre and the skills and degrees mentioned on resumes but also about the practicality of everything. Once the candidates prove their practical calibre and the present-day potential through the assessment, they might definitely make a place in your organization and on the other hand you would be pleased to have them onboard.

Enjoy Peace of mind

Recruiters have certainly a lot of pressure when talking about recruiting the candidates. Since the recruitment is not a cake walk any more, you have to be really prudent about everything. You cannot simply randomly pick a person. Since the long recruitment procedures do eat up funds of your business and also the efforts of everyone working in making the arrangements; it turns out to be the responsibility of the recruiters to ensure that they pick the refined and productive candidates. What is the point if the candidates you recruit turn out to be of no use? What if you feel disappointed about the recruitment procedure you conducted recently? It would rather make you sadder and lower in your actions and overall working.

Here, if you would have had assessment tests before the recruitment of the candidates; you might have been little more relaxed and have peace of mind that the tests have measured the candidates too. It would no longer be just on the basis of their prior qualification or education, degrees, experience or attractive accent but about their present-day calibre and performance in the assessment test too.  The chances of getting the wrong candidates recruited would eliminate in the presence of pre-assessment.


So, you have to be really careful about what you do and how you do it when you are hiring candidates for your business.