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Why It Is Important To Plan Your Transfer Before Arriving At Your Destination

If you have a vacation coming up then you will no doubt have turned your attention to the preparation process and what kind of things you need to have lined up ahead of the trip. For me this is always a stressful time and there is a great fear that you may forget something. The best course of action in my book is to ensure that you have a list of all the necessary plans which you need to make. Today I want to touch on one aspect of the preparation that is very important and will save you a lot of time and hassle once you arrive, the transfer from the hotel. Whether you go in taxi, by train, bus or private transfer, here is why it is important to sort it out before you leave.


Getting Started

When you first arrive in a new destination, you will be keen to get started with your vacation right away. If you have not planned your transfer well, you could find yourselves wandering around aimlessly, working out which is the best way to get to your hotel. Avoid lugging your suitcases around and wasting time, by getting your transfer arranged before you have even left home.


An unfortunate fact of traveling, to just about anywhere in the world, is that tourists can often be seen as potential targets for scammers, especially in the airport. There isn’t much to throw scammers off the scent here either, a group of tourists with their suitcases, wandering around without an idea where to go. This could make you perfect fodder for a number of scams that can take place, especially with private hire vehicles and cabs. These scams range from taking you to a different hotel rather than the one you wanted, where the scammer will of course get commission, to prices which are way over the odds or in some cases, daylight robbery. By arranging a transfer prior to arriving in your destination, you can completely remove any risk of the scammers targeting you.


If your flight is delayed and you arrive later than you originally thought, this could cause a number of problems if you haven’t arranged a transfer. For example it may be that you arrive too late to take public transport which you had previously thought, or perhaps the cabs at the airport increase their fees a great deal later into the night. When you have arranged a private transfer however, either with a taxi firm, a private hire, hotel busses or any other private service, they will monitor your flight to ensure that they pick you up on time when you arrive. Having this kind of transfer pre-arranged can save you a great deal of trouble should you get delayed, and give you the peace of mind that someone will be there at the other end waiting for you.

Make sure that you add to that travel preparation list, the need to arrange your airpot transfer.