Why my week at somewhereto_ will ultimately shape my future.

At somewhereto_ we meet and work with so many people just trying to figure out their next steps whether it be into education, a career in a chosen field, or starting their own business. Last week Oliver spent a week with us in the midst of completing his A-Levels to get some real world work experience. Not only was he new to a  professional setting, but also to our neck of the woods in Brixton, London. Find out what he thought of his time doing work experience with us:

Being a 17 year old midway through my A-Levels, it can be difficult to escape from the bubble that is school life. If it’s not homework, it’s working on your personal statement or filling out the seemingly endless fields on a UCAS form, whilst trying to maintain some kind of social life and actually gain skills, experiences and qualifications that make you an attractive proposition to both employers and universities alike.

In pursuit of gaining the necessary level of preparedness and intellectual understanding around my chosen subject, I have tried almost everything, from work experience placements to attending lectures, going on weeklong courses, wider reading and a host of other things. After having the privilege of spending a week with the lovely people of somewhereto_, I feel immeasurably better about writing 4,000 characters on why I’m worthy of a place on a course at any of my chosen universities.

Before embarking on my week at somewhereto_, as is always good practice, I spent some time researching what the company was all about. It was at this very early stage in the work experience process that I became in complete awe of the company; what it stands for, what is has achieved, and will continue to achieve for many years to come I’m sure. Although I have been very lucky with the placements that I have done, it’s a well-established convention that in the majority of workplaces, work experience interns are something of an inconvenience and are often treated there like. However, somewhereto_ take on a completely contrasting view of work experience and make it a genuine priority to ensure that young people get the most out of the process.

From the day that I arrived, everyone I have spent time with has been so incredibly generous with their time and offered me opportunity after opportunity, which has really helped give me something to take away from the whole experience. Being quite a shy person, it can be tricky to approach ‘real people’ and ask them for help on certain things, but this week I haven’t even needed to ask. Whilst this is by absolutely no means in a patronising way, everywhere you turn, the lovely people of somewhereto_ have been constantly offering advice and relaying their experiences to me, something which truly is huge in terms of taking something away from the week.

Without trying to sound like I’m a lifelong resident/employee, it is with a heavy heart that I will leave Brixton and more precisely the somewhereto_ team in London, to return to the comparatively serene life led in suburban Hertfordshire. However, the week will help to drive me on through the hard miles leading up to my A-Level exams, as it has given me a very real vision of what is waiting on the other side of the education system. Stay awesome…


The writer:

Name – Oliver Floyd

Age – 17

From – Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

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