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Why people love vinyl flooring in their homes

When it comes to choosing flooring, the choice you make can be as much about who you are as a person as it is what you use the room for.

Vinyl has revolutionised the home design industry and brought more and more competition into the market. From easy maintenance to within-the-hour installation, homeowners everywhere are seeing the benefit and loving them. It’s a flooring option which does most of the work for you, so you can relax and enjoy being at home.

If you haven’t already heard the reasons through the grapevine, then continue reading because you could be missing something spectacular…

Quick fitting

Whether its tile or [planks that you’re working with, so long as its vinyl you’re going to have no problem. Both utilise a swift click or glue down method which saves you hours of fitting time and the hefty invoice from a professional. Did you know that even if a tile or plank needs replacing, they can be done so entirely individually, so you never need to overspend on repairing all your flooring if just a singular tile or plank is damaged.

Easily cared for

Let’s face it, it might feel like a relief once the daily chores are done, but no on ever said they love cleaning.

Vinyl flooring cuts your chores in half or more, by requiring less scrubbing and mopping that regular authentic flooring materials. The protective layers which are coated on top of the textured print are moisture and scratch resistant which prevent permanent marks from being etched into your flooring. The moisture resistance also prevents wet weather, messy parties, or muddy paws from leaving an everlasting stain.

The only cleaning supplies you will require after installing vinyl flooring is a floor brush, mop and bucket, soft fibre cloths and lightly soaped floor cleaning solution.

Adaptable styles

Just because it isn’t the real thing doesn’t mean vinyl can’t look exactly light the real thing. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques your flooring specialist can offer you a whole load of flooring material replicas, so your style preferences are always taken care of.

Every scale on the colour chart is brought to you on vinyl, for effortless shade variation and tone matching if you decide to incorporate a layering pattern to you flooring design. Heavily light or dark woods are incredibly popular for those looking for a contemporary or minimalistic room scape, whereas burgundy or ash are a favourite for those looking to recreate the Victorian era. Let’s not forget about texture! Stone, wood, slate or even marble effects are all possible and in a variety of colours also, with the bonus of borders or layering patterns in some collections.

Every room in your home will benefit from vinyl flooring, especially where moisture is prominent or you have expensive underfloor heating installed as vinyl flooring is warp-resistant, so your living room will be extra toasty this winter.

Specialists on hand

Once you’ve filled your boots with research it’s a good idea to consult a specialist in the vinyl flooring industry. A helping hand can make decision making a lot easier when you’re faced with so many options.

There are a many leading distributors in the market right now. For instance Amtico, are a company of experts who hold a unique collection of stone and wood flooring which give any homeowner a lot to love about their flooring. Luvanto bring the height of luxury to your flooring with extravagant stone tiles and wood planks, purposely designed to be paired with shades of the same colour for perfect layering patterns or borders. Invictus has taken the market by storm with their incredible natural flooring imitations which work with your existing home design scheme.

For an all-purpose flooring which takes hours off your time spent doing the chores, vinyl flooring is here to save the day.