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Why Shopping Small Online Can Have Big Savings

There is no denying we love to shop. Billions of pounds a year will attest to that. But just because we collectively spend a lot doesn’t mean we want to individually.

When we shop, particularly online, we tend to go for the big, well-established and trusted, names like Amazon, Ebay, B&Q, Asda, Tesco. The Office for National Statistics says that, as of May 2020, almost 34% of all retail shopping was done online. That equates to a lot of money spent.

We still tend to think upon traditional shopping ideals when sticking to the ‘safe bets’. The bigger the company the cheaper its prices for example. And sometimes, in some cases, that is true. Good value can be found in the big names.

But that value in one area or product which keeps money in our pocket may just as quickly be lost on another product from the same company. You’ve already got items in your basket and rather than make that purchase and go somewhere else you just add the other more expensive item in. The convenience of a one-stop shop overriding the chance of saving money.

Shopping Small: Saving Money

In this current world situation most of us want to be saving any money we possibly can. This is where the little guys come in. Little in terms of the usual industry titans but hardly little in terms of offer and scope.

You see, whilst the big established companies are able to churn out products, and churn them out fast, the little businesses have to come up with new ways, inventive ways, to get noticed. Or they have to provide something special. Something the big guys can’t provide. A personal touch or knowledge, accessibility to people and places beyond the big companies reach.

The manager of one such company put it like this: “The only way we can be successful is to be everything they are not. “We have to offer the best prices for the best quality goods and treat every customer as you would a loved one with genuine care and attention”.

Whatever it is? It is always going to be good for us, the customer. The person spending their own money.

Great Deals

The biggest savings for us can be found in the great deals that are out there. Deals which come in many shapes and forms. As the online market is deeply competitive some companies will provide a service or services, or product, at a rate that maybe isn’t even profitable for them. Anything to get your custom.

Often times you will find free deliveries, free next-day deliveries, various sales and offers. You might find that you can get something cheaper as you are getting it from the source as opposed to a middleman who always takes a cut of the money.

You might just find that a smaller company has exactly what you need but is more driven, more personal, more concerned with getting customers and keeping them happy, that they will do what it takes to make you a happy customer. Their happy customer. But a happy customer none-the-less.

Finding a great deal is as simple as shopping around. Don’t be afraid of venturing away from the usual shopping sites. Of course, always do your internet due diligence when surfing and buying things online. But for the sake of a few extra moments you might find that shopping small online can have big savings. And any savings in this current post-pandemic climate are always going to be more than welcome.