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Why The American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Is The Perfect Place to Study

The last four years of my life I have spent at the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine studying a doctorate. This has been the most amazing experience of my life and I cannot recommend the course and the college enough. This is widely considered to be the best college for teaching Oriental medicine in the country and I can attest to its high standards and its high level education surrounding this topic. If you want to learn more about Oriental medicine then this is the perfect place to do so and here is why.

The Range of Courses

Although I studied for 4 years to earn the doctorate there are actually many more courses available to people who wish to learn more about this topic. There are 4 main post-graduate courses on offer, 2 masters and 2 doctorates, and there is also a range of short courses and taster courses which people can take part in to learn more abut the world of traditional medicine. These are the 4 post-grad courses which you can find here.

  • Master of Integrative Wellness Management – This course focuses on healthcare administration.
  • Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership – Healthcare management and leadership
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Focusing on ancient Chinese medicine
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – A wider view of Oriental medicine and acupuncture.

As you can see the courses do not solely focus on Oriental medicine but instead take a deeper look into the wider world of healthcare. During my four years I not only studied modules like Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but also administration along with theories and principles which can be applied to any aspect of the healthcare sector.

What Benefits to Expect

The knowledge which you will acquire during your time at the college will not only be able to help you in terms of a career, but you can also count on a number of personal benefits from studying here. Career-wise you will learn the skills and the knowledge which can help you to launch your own clinic which practices Oriental medicine, but you can also use the knowledge which you amass here to work in any healthcare setting. The college seeks to prepare you for a career in healthcare and they equip you with all of the information and skills which you will need in order to do so.

When I mention personal benefits this is because the things which you will learn during a course here can greatly impact your own life. I have never been healthier than I am today and that is because I have taken that knowledge and applied it to my own life. I regularly help family and friends with ailments that they have and I can help because of the teachings which the college gave me.

If you are interested in Oriental medicine then this is the place where you can turn your interest into a real passion.