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Why We Love Furnished Corporate Housing

If you are heading off to another city to work then you of course have to consider where you will be staying. If you are going for a week or so then of course you can grab a hotel for your stay, which will afford you some level of comfort during your time away. If however you are going to be gone for a longer period of time then the smart move is to look for furnished corporate housing.  There are so many benefits of this type of accommodation and here is exactly why we love it.

Packed With Amenities

Staying in a hotel, unless your company went big and got you a suite – unlikely of course, means that you are eating out 3 times a day, be it in the hotel restaurant or elsewhere. This is all well and good but the novelty of eating out all the time really does wear off pretty quickly. The beauty of renting a short term cooperate house means that you will have a kitchen where you can prepare the items which you want. This not only makes life easier but it also ensures that you are not spending crazy money on eating out every day.


Hotels do all that they can to make your feel comfortable but after a week or so, you do tend to get sick of your surroundings. Corporate rentals are designed with workers in mind, workers who are not able to be in their own home. With this in mind they will design these spaces to feel homely, to offer that level of comfort which we create within our own homes. Each will be furnished and decorated differently of course, and you will have to chose which is the best for you. Ultimately however, there is no comparison between a corporate rental and a hotel when it comes to style and comfort.


Hotels are located in a multitude of places to cater for varying clientele, when it comes to corporate housing however, you find that they are perfectly positioned to be near both business centers and amenities. This just makes life easier and it ensures that anyone who is spending a month or longer away from their hometown, can be close enough to the office and within reach of the amenities which the city or town offers.


There is very much a personal touch which you can expect when you rent a place like this and that is something which you just don’t get in a hotel. More often than not you will have a single manager who you can talk to about any changes you need or any support during your time in the rental. Whether something breaks or you need something extra, they will be on hand to make sure that you have everything you need to feel as comfortable as possible.

When traveling away for work, these apartments are the best option to consider for your accommodation.