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Why Your HR Team Needs to Go Mobile Now

Mobile working has some great benefits, including giving employees more flexibility by working from home and the opportunity to continue to work when they’re working anywhere else that’s away from the main office. With the world still navigating its way through a pandemic, remote working has never been more important and many businesses could well continue this method even after this historic moment has passed. When it comes to your HR team, you might be uncertain about whether keeping them working remotely is a good idea, but below are a few great reasons why your HR team should go mobile.

Better Access for Employees

With great HR software that has been designed to be used on smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s never been easier for your HR team and other employees to work remotely. With these mobile apps, employees have easy access to their portals and profiles, as well as having easy communication with each other over these platforms.

Payroll Management

As your HR team is responsible for a myriad of tasks, they must be able to access all the right programs and documents while they’re on the go with ease. One of the main responsibilities of your HR team is managing employee payroll. If you want members of HR to be able to fix any issues with payroll quickly, or make a payment while they’re on the go, look at getting a payroll mobile application for them to use. They will be able to check payslips, manage vacation day allowances, and manage other expenses, all while they’re on the go or working from home.

Increased Productivity

As your HR team will be free to continue working away from their office desks, naturally, this will lead to increased productivity. They will be able to complete work tasks from any other location provided they have data or access to the internet. Whether it’s updating a schedule, approving requests, or answering other inquiries from employees, all of these tasks can and likely will be completed much faster than if your team of staff was limited to completing work only in the office.


Another thing to consider when moving your HR team to a mobile workforce is how it could benefit the recruitment process. As a lot of potential candidates are likely to see jobs, answer emails, etc., via their smartphones, it makes sense that your company’s recruitment is done via a mobile app. It will also make selecting the right candidates quicker and easier for your HR team as you can set automated checks to short-list them for you, cutting back the amount of administration your HR team would traditionally have to do.

Happier Staff

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of taking your HR team mobile is that you could see a boost in morale amongst your staff. A lot of workers prefer to have this flexible approach to working, as it means that they can fit their careers around the other commitments in their life. If you want your team to remain with your company and stay motivated, keeping them happy is essential.

There are lots of benefits for your HR team to go mobile, so what are you waiting for?