Hall of Fame: Wil Law, Print Maker/Textiles Designer

Wil Law
Age: 23
Location: Wakefield
Wants to be: Print Maker/ Businessmen

I run my own printmaking business, under name my name, Wil Law, you can check my website out here. I make textiles mainly focusing on homeware; cushions, lamp shades etc. My business is really starting to kick off and I’m becoming busier and busier all the time.

I got into printmaking through working in my studio in the Art House in Wakefield and being around creative people. I used the studio as an office when working remotely for the Braintrust charity, who I work for as a full time writer. I met Amy and Lucy (somewhereto_Y&K delivery team members) through having a studio in the same unit, in the Art House. They helped me put on exhibitions and found me places to sell my work.

I took part in FESTIV_ALT and quite a few somewhereto_FRAMED. This experience has helped me launch my business. The free investment of space and places to showcase and sell my work was invaluable. Also having Amy and Lucy organising logistics really streamlined the process of setting up my business. They were always there to bounce ideas off of and talk to about setting up my business. All this experience has all allowed me to develop a strong portfolio of skills.



  • Creative
  • Writing
  • Organisational
  • Artistic
  • Business
  • Charitable
  • Personable


Wil is a hard working, committed, multi talented individual. As well as his brilliant design abilities Wil also works professionally as a writer for Brain Trust charity, this illustrates his compassionate and caring nature. He has successfully participated in FESTIV_ALT and several somewhereto_FRAMED. You can expect big things from him!