You’ll miss us when we’re gone…

Why hundreds of young creative people are forced to give up on London, and why you should care.

Ask any young artist, now living in Berlin, Paris or Portugal, why they left London. You won’t hear them saying they got ‘tired of London.’ Nor did they grow tired of life.

Much closer to the truth is the fact they were too tired in London to enjoy any kind of life. For many, leaving town was not a choice, but a necessity if they wanted to keep their artistic dreams alive.

It seems that the city has started to take more than it gives to young people who want to create things. We hear of exhaustion, and financial pressure all the time, but we also hear about loss of space. The physical shutting down of a city that used to be full of possibilities. From the Ministry of Sound to the Wapping project, exciting venues struggle against closure across the boroughs. Gallery spaces are limited and studio rents have risen beyond the grasp of the low-waged.

This might not seem like a high priority for most people. We all have to work hard, of course we do. But what starts as a problem for creatives, soon becomes a problem for the rest of us. Think about your most recent journey across the city. The chances are you saw at least one piece of art or design, heard one strain of music, admired one piece of fashion that has been created here.

This is no accident. All these glimpses of creativity are the result of days and months of hard work. Across the city, young artists are striving to express themselves, and give Londoners a backdrop of culture that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. If they leave us, the cultural void will be sudden and unmistakable. Put bluntly, London is on the brink of becoming dull.

In order to stop this from happening, somewhereto_ is focussing its energy and experience on connecting amazing, versatile spaces with the young creatives who bring life to the city. Every time a business rents a space through somewhereto_, some of the money is used to find space for someone aged between 16-25 to produce and show their work.

Tom Barratt, Business Director at somewhereto_ said renting your space through us “is like a helping hand to our young people, from more established businesses. Every time that money gets passed on, it’s a way of fulfilling not just the potential of a generation, but the promise of a vibrant, creative London.’

One person who was able to keep a place in London is art graduate, Albert. He said, “somewhereto_ enabled me to breach the void between post art school unemployment and a creative career, by giving me the space and support I needed to keep my creative development alive.”

somewhereto_ exists in the hope that the people who make our city so culturally exhilarating will stay. Maybe some of them will even come back!

If you believe we should keep London Creative, please sign up to show your support.

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