Young Artist: Reece Thompson

Reece Thompson is a 25 year old artist and writer from Essex who creates artwork that reflects culture and history… plus he’s a somewhereto_ superstar!

Reece is an an example of what can be achieved with a creative idea, inbuilt drive and a bit of space to realise his ambitions. As winner of somewhereto_ initiative, Paint Livity, Reece is one to watch.

Paint Livity was a competition which gave emerging artistic talents a platform to develop their skills and network, cumulating in an exhibition at Livity’s Brixton office. Reece’s innovative proposal involved Livity employees in the painting of his vibrant mural, which Reece saw as a way to ‘pull them away from their desks to partake in a creative collaboration…It was a leap of faith, I’d never done anything like it before.’

young artist

Since then Reece’s creativity has continued to flourish. He recently published his first book, True Colours. ‘True Colours is an exploration into the impact the curriculum had on my little self and some bits of history I never learnt in school, that may have boosted my self worth. Everything I create is an exploration of my own identity, including this book.’ You can get your hands on a first edition from Reece’s website.

Reece already has some great new projects on the horizon. ‘There will be more and more books. I’m also planning exhibitions and workshops with help from somewhereto_. The support I received from somewhereto_ wasn’t a one off thing, I still have relationships with them and we’re still planning projects.’

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