Young Entrepreneur: Anisah Osman Britton

Anisah is solving big problems. There’s a huge shortage of female coders and she wants to change that. She’s currently running a coding school for woman, 23 Code Street, and as if that wasn’t enough, the money raised from the school goes to teach disadvantaged girls in India to code. Anisah didn’t go to university, and she used somewhereto_ space to run her workshops.

“I’ve been in the tech industry for 5 years, and the difference between men and women is scary, and incredibly unbalanced. Most of the time it is just a men only club but this isn’t helpful in progressing diversity or innovations, overall it’s harder to approach subjects and ideas take a very narrow minded approach.

I want to improve diversity in the tech scene, it was clear to me that the biggest barrier is fear. Many are hesitant on learning these skills, either they don’t feel they can learn/excel or wouldn’t be able to fit into the industry. We need to get rid of that fear and encourage people to engage with coding, and get people to a level that they can interact with.

Using free space from somewhereto_ allowed me to run the course as soon as possible, and ultimately made it immediately sustainable. Costs are the biggest barrier, especially for running a project like ours. It would have taken us longer to set up, and we would have had to spend time fundraising or looking for investors. The space has made us immediately ready, and avoided making it a long winded process. The space also meant that we could be a team early on, we work together as a collective rather than being remotely connected through our laptops and phones.”

You can learn more about 23 Code Street here