Young Entrepreneurs: Funmi Elizabeth Ogunfidodo

Funmi owns and runs online boutique The FEO Collection. We caught up with her on being a young entrepreneur and what having access to free space has meant to her.

Tell us more about your business. 

I own an online boutique called The FEO Collection. I sell womenswear clothing for young, trendy women. The boutique has an aim to encourage women to feel confident and be their best beautiful. I was motivated to start this boutique because I wanted to empower women. Also, I enjoy using my creativity with the brand and seeing how I can set it apart from my competitors.

Have you always known you wanted to set up your own business?

Not really. I was encouraged to set up my business whilst I was pursuing a career in PR. I wanted to start my own brand in order to gain a full understanding of how to build a reputation. I have gained so much skills and I continue to learn and grow each day.

What has having free space from somewhereto_  meant to you?

Having a free space was amazing. I was given a market stall at Portobello Market and it was really useful as it enabled me to boost sales and also build a rapport with customers and identify their preferences

What have you learnt from setting up your own enterprise? What have others taught you?

I have learnt that you have to be very patient. It has also made me very responsible as I always put my business first and prioritise it over everything. Others have taught me that the beginning is the hardest part. I have learnt that your input is your output so I have to work hard to get the best results.

How optimistic are you for yourselves and other start ups succeeding in this current climate?

It’s very important to stay positive and have self-belief. This partnered with hard work and commitment will help you achieve your goals. Things are always going to be hard for start ups as it involves stepping into a process that you’ve never experienced before. But persistence is key.

What advice would you give someone looking to do something similar?

Do your research and try and identify a gap that your business would be filling. Grow your audience/ customer base before you start the business.

If you were given free space at 10 Downing Street for the day, what would you do?

I would have an exclusive viewing of a new collection with a politically fierce influence. I would then have a lounge full of women, cocktails and canapés with seminars from women in politics and other key industry players giving seminar talks about female empowerment and the importance of pursuing your dreams and working hard. #girlpower

Funmi is able to access free space to turn her passion into a profession thanks to our customers. Every space booked with us helps unlock another space for a young creative to use for free. There’s no extra costs. You get a great space, and a great feeling.

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