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Your Questions Answered About Vasectomies

We have covered vasectomies recently and some of you had some additional questions on this which is why we are putting this piece together today. As we have mentioned before, this is a very common procedure which thousands of men have each and every year. If you are thinking about having a vasectomy then it is important that you have a very clear idea of why you wish to get it done and what you can expect when you decide that this is the right thing for you. We must stress that if you are in a relationship then be sure to discuss this with your partner before you confirm the procedure.

Now to get on to some of those burning questions which you have all been asking recently.

Is It Reversible?

If you have heard that the vasectomy is reversible then this is indeed accurate information. What should be noted which many do not talk about however is that it is a much longer operation than the vasectomy itself, because of the delicacy of the reattachment. The original surgery will take around 30 minutes, thanks to new techniques, the reversal however could be anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of surgery.

Is It Painful?

You shouldn’t feel much pain when you first have the procedure completed because of the fact that you will have local anesthetic applied to the area. You can however experience some pain and certainly some discomfort when the anesthetic has worn off.

Is It Instant?

A very important piece of information which everyone should know before they have this procedure is that it is not something which is instant. What needs to happen before you are 100% sterile is that you clear through the sperm which have already been produced It is estimated that you will require 8 weeks of waiting or 20 ejaculations in order to get the green light from the doctor to say that you are fully sterile.

Will It Affect Sex Life?

Many of you wrote in to us asking whether or not it would affect your sex life such as desire or performance and the great news is that it will not at all. There is absolutely no link between those who have had a vasectomy and those who struggle with erectile disfunction or poor sexual performance. As long as you have waited the correct time for the area to recover then there is absolutely no reason why you should have any problems at all in the bedroom.

Is It 100% Effective

There is a reason why this is called the best birth control on the planet, and that is becasue of the fact that it is so effective. There are no cases of a man with a vasectomy which was successful, impregnating any sexual partner following the procedure.

Any further questions which you may have abut vasectomies, please feel free to get in touch on the contact form or in the comments section below.